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 when times get tough, courtney

cool it courtney

courtney     23 years old     she/her
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Jan 21 2017, 06:49 PM         Quote        
worse? penelope had a difficult time believing that. whether clementine knew it or not, the brunette's mind had been made up and that was that – or, at least, that would be that so long as the younger girl didn't push back too hard. “i think –” she swallowed thickly, steeling herself for what seemed like an imminent rejection. “–– i think we should stay together.”
darker still
sept 6 fresh start. easing back in. be gentle.
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maddie targaryen

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Aug 10 2017, 08:32 PM         Quote        
when times get tough
for courtney
a meaner girl would've laughed in penelope's face. whatever she'd been through, it clearly hadn't been enough to taught her to trust no one and to stick to her own as much as she could. "of course you do. everyone does." until they didn't. or, in most cases, until they were already dead and had no time to go back on the decision. "i'm not opening applications. i'm tired of watching my friends die."

sep. 12 - i have an infection in my lungs and.. idk, it's really not good, i'm worried. please understand that my slowness does not mean i want to drop threads i just physically can't function well rn.
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please keep the cbox pg 13!