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oh, finley
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fav pals
taron egerton, reece king, john boyega, avan jogia, bob morley, chadwick boseman, dev patel, donald glover, dudley o'shaugnessy, harry shum jr, jacob anderson, jason momoa, laith ashley, michael b jordan, nico tortorella, rahul kohli, rix ahmed, roshon fegan, sacha m'baye, tahj mowry, tom hardy, will higginson, zayn malik.

i like a lot more but these are my faves. i may add women & nb people soon but for right now i'm mostly just interested in mxm.
no thanks
cole sprouse, johnny depp, michael fassbender, ed westwick, chris brown, mischa collins, jared padelecki, jensen ackles. i'm sure there's more, but i can't think of them rn.
please don't
incest, rape, stalking
hey there snowflakes
y'all i have every intention of coming back and starting the stuff i promised BUT next week is finals week and i'm in grad school so the ante is pretty high rn
and the winner is



plot dump

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