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 ♡ location, zendaya // i$a.
13 NOV. // there's been a lot of changes in terms of staff and work load at my job, so things are really hectic for me atm. i'm not dropping any plots and i'll be working on replies but i'm sorry for churning things out so slowly as of late. if you've lost interest or need to drop anything, just lmk and i'll completely understand but otherwise i promise i'll be getting stuff out and back to normal as soon as i can!
it had all gotten so hazy so fast. the drink (his fourth or fifth, really) that he'd been nursing for the past hour and a half had finally begun to make him feel a bit heady but razaan hardly seemed to think anything of it. the lights had gotten so bleary and bright, music thrumming in his chest with the heavy beat of the bass bouncing around the hollow spaces of his ribcage, but he'd been vibing. bumping his head along with the beat while he eased himself futher back into the pillows on the couch where he sat, coasting on the buzz he hadn't even realized he'd managed to build up over the course of just two very short (and now slightly hazy) hours.

realistically, he shouldn't have come. shouldn't have shown up, shouldn't have even considered showing up. there was so much more he should have been doing, really; everything from prepping for the upcoming semester, getting a head start on readings, putting in as many hours as he possibly could at the museum where he worked before his classes and schedules forced him to cut back hours. work, work, work, study, study, study. it was a routine embedded in him early on, an eagerness to learn and a razor-sharp focused mind that often kept him striving for future he wasn't entirely sure he saw an end to, but had worked tirelessly to achieve.

so... naturally, it had been quite a shock even to himself when he'd somehow managed to find himself here, of all places: comfortably wedges into the corner of the sofa in a stranger-he-didn't-even-know's house, nursing a drink that had been (more or less) forced upon him after holding a brief conversation and making good friends with the dude set behind a granite counter of the living room who'd promised -- swore -- he'd "set razaan up" for the night. maybe raz should've known better than to accept weird drinks from overly persistent dudes he'd never met before, but the buzzy vibe he'd been on all night had had him smiling from ear to ear. and when he'd somehow managed to spot a familiar face out in the crowd (the very one that had convinced him to come here in the first place) raz hurriedly made his way over. "heyyy, what's up? i've been looking for you."

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in all honesty, sasha had not even planned to be out that evening. still reeling from the tequila from the night before with bleary vision and a pounding head, all signs pointed to don't fucking leave the house tonight. she had already prepared for it too: finally catch up on that gilmore girls reboot on netflix while in pajamas in bed with a mug of ot cocoa and tea, cell phone off, and homework...mostly done. some of it wasn't due for a couple of weeks, she didn't plan on being that good for the evening anyway. life, it seemed, had other plans. justas she was about to settle in bed for the evening, her best friend sent her a snap where the rest of her regular crew were goading her into going, saying that she was weak. for skipping out on another crazy evening so she could "wind down." her most comfortable pajamas were apparently no match for the mocking airquotes from the 15-second viewo she had just received. before she could even replay the damn clip she had kicked off her blankets and shut off her laptop. assholes," she muttered, from the front porch while she waited for her uber to arrive.as expected, the party was already in full swing when she had arrived. sweaty bodies pushed up against each other in attempts to move from one part of the room to another. the ache in sasha's head had dulled to a persistent throb that the bassline was no doubt worsening but she plowed throw, sending a selfie of herself to her friend, crudely captioned with three words: "i'm here, bitches." however, the sheer volume of people made actually connecting with her friends impossible. her older sister had once told her that the best way to get rid of a hangover was to get even drunker, advice sasha had taken to heart since her first day in university. deciding instead to make her way to the drinks, she pushed through the crowd, narrowly avoiding getting groped by some drunken assholes. after what seemed like forever, she finally had acquired the quintessential red solo cup, half filled with watered down warm beer. sasha made a face after she'd taken a generous swig – hardly quality (where the fuck were the vodka and jello shots anyway?) but it would to the trick for now.feeling the beer liven up her insides, she walked through the crowd, grinning at people whom she vaguely recognized and looking for her friends who seemed to be lost in the pool or something like it. she had just been about to escape with some random stranger when an all-too familiar voice entered her eardrums. razaan?" spinning around her eyes widened upon seeing him, "hey you! i didn't think you'd actually be here...what the uck." she giggled, a little amused at his appearance. normally he looked so focused when they were together, right now, he just looked...very comfortable. gently she took his wrist and led him to a quieter corner. "i'm so happy you're here, but...are you okay?" she titled her head, the redness of his cheeks suddenly more evident now. "...how much have you had to drink?" ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ.crazy {width: 280px; padding: 8px; border: 1px solid #eee;}.crazy1 {background: #fafafa; border: 1px solid #eee;}.crazy2 {margin: 20px; width: 90px; height: 90px; background: #fff;padding: 7px; border: 1px solid #ededed; border-radius: 100%;}.crazy img { width: 90px; height: 90px; border-radius: 100%;}.crazy3 {padding: 25px 35px; border-top: 1px solid #eee; font: 10.5px catamaran; color: #737373; text-align: justify; }.crazy3 b {color: #c8bbae; border-bottom: 1px solid #9e9389;}
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