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what's your damage, cori?
august 28th: i still want fionn whitehead x harry styles and i still want all the comms. currently screaming over the game of thrones finale. tormund giantsbane is all i care about DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME

p.s. i do like 60% of my posting from my phone so please forgive my typos and stuff. <3

p.p.s. if you tagged me in anything (especially comms) and i haven't replied to it, feel free to poke me because i might not have seen it because i am dumb and turned my tag alerts off!
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incest, rape
alias cori pronouns she/her age 24 years old contact pm for discord timezone EST / GMT-5 group backstreet boys posts 90211 points 292000 joined 27-July 16 currently Offline (Offline) message me find all my posts find all my topics tracker crackship plots comms royalty
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alberto rosende, DIEGO LUNA, dominic sherwood, jeremy jordan, jordan fisher, matthew daddario, nick robinson, robert sheehan, taron egerton, thomas sangster, TOM HOLLAND, zayn malik (with girls or other 1d members becuase i'm weird)

DOVE CAMERON, emeraude toubia, maia mitchell, melissa benoist, NATALIA DYER, odeya rush, shereen cutkelvin, zendaya
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not picky. i'll play against pretty much anyone i recognize. i'm pretty well-versed in western television i don't watch and movies i haven't seen. i also am able to name random models in campaigns, so you're good on that. i'm not really familiar with kpop or kdramas, so i prefer not to use them except those listed on my crackship!

please keep the cbox pg 13!