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25,000 points -- pinned request for two weeks (500 posts)
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    may 17-june 17: ginger
    march 17-april 17: rae

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    [post][b]amount of points[/b]: amount [b]what you're redeeming for[/b]: tell us what [b]gif url  for spotlight[/b]: please link us [b]url to request you want pinned[/b]: please link us[/post]
    july 10th: i am cleaning out most of my stuff (minus a select few) and will only be taking on very few things for the time being. work is too overwhelming and i am having a very hard time finding the motivation to rp most the time.
    please no: cancer and i will not plot incest (stepcest and fostercest is okay but NOTHING blood related).
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