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 we're looking for a mod!!, deadline: tuesday, january 10th

cassie palvin.

cassie     31 years old     she / her
pm me
backstreet boys
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Jan 2 2017, 09:09 PM         Quote        
mod search
a spot for a mod has opened up on the site and we're looking for someone to fill it. we will be accepting applications until tuesday, january 10th. before applying, please take a moment to look over what will be required of you as a mod and make sure that you have the time to do so and the desire to perform the tasks required.

general mod duties
-- do not go thirty days without being active unless you have posted an absense note.
-- watch the cbox / talk in cbox
-- advertising section
-- mod actions thread
-- graveyarding
-- request forum

your personal mod duties
mass prune and monitor the following forums

    -- communications
    -- fantasy/other

we are looking for someone that will mesh well with the rest of the staff, has the site in their best interest and someone who aims to stay away from drama. once the deadline for applications is reached, the admins will discuss and make a final decision and we will add on one new mod to the staff team. if you're interested, please fill out the following form and respond to this post.

[b]time zone[/b]:
[b]how often you're on the site[/b]:
[b]do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?[/b]:
[b]past staffing experience[/b]:
[b]do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.[/b]:
[b]why do you think we should pick you?[/b]:
[b]anything else?[/b]:[/post]
september 12: i am back and trying to get caught up. please bear with me.
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andrea     27 years old     she/her
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Jan 3 2017, 12:50 PM         Quote        
name: andrea

time zone: est

how often you're on the site: like at least 80% of the day tbh because i'm a mess?

do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: aim, skype whatsapp -- i'm on aim 24/7 and same for whatsapp, skype i gotta be reminded

past staffing experience: i've been an admin a couple times, but none of the sites are active anymore.

do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: I can make gifs and graphics, but I don't do it often anymore?? here are a few tho

made from a youtube vid
made from a youtube vid
i made this crackship gif button a few years ago
made this from an instagram video
made this for a req i was posting on tumblr
an ad for a site i was admin on

why do you think we should pick you?: There's a million things I haven't done, just you wait.

but also, I'm super active, always happy to help, willing to plot with anyone, anytime. my job has me at a computer all the time, and I always have a cosl window open (don't tell my boss??) so i'm around most of the day for things that crop up. plus I've been a member for almost five years so i'm starting to figure out how things work, yannoe? http://i.imgbox.com/pzAiL0yE.png I'm also always pumped full of ideas for contests and stuff so i feel like that'd be fun? idk.

anything else?: can i just link to all my requests in this spot or nah? http://i.imgbox.com/ws48K1Ly.png
tbh i've been shit so i'm gonna send out some pms and see what's what
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     no addiction plots. Anything super triggery I like to plot out. Don't romanticize domestic violence, don't try to make direct incest "sexy" - not into it.
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you're lazy, brady.

brady     23 years old     he/him
discord: brady#3707
atlantic (gmt-4)
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Jan 3 2017, 02:36 PM         Quote        
name: wyatt

time zone: atlantic

how often you're on the site: i will be openly honest about the fact i cannot get online every single day due to my work schedule. however, over the past week i've been able to get online every other day and when i am online, i spend a solid 4/5 hours in total online. i'm caught up on all of my threads (and comms don't take too long to get caught up on) so i would be able to spend a majority of this time focused on mod duties!

do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: the only one i don't have is whatsapp, but that can easily be redownloaded!

past staffing experience: atf // 2011-2013, 2015, 2016.
caution // 2013-2014
shine // 2012-2013
various different roleplay sites that would take a very long time to list off.

do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: when i get my mac back, i'll be able to make gifs and basic graphics (just kidding, i didn't realize i have photoshop on this laptop -- i can do basic graphic edits & gifs!), but i do code! i just haven't coded in a little while due to working a lot, so it might take a bit to get back into the swing of things but i can do that :) here is my coding resources thread

why do you think we should pick you?: i've staffed on various resource forums over the years, so i have a good grasp of what duties are required of mods in terms of maintaining a clean forum, a positive atmosphere, being helpful and chatting with other staff members and members alike to maintain a positive relationship with everyone. i really enjoy helping out, and i love cosl to death so being able to help out even in the smallest of ways would make me incredibly happy. where i've been very careful about the number of plots i take on, i know i won't be overwhelmed and will be able to spend a good chunk of time making sure things are neat and tidy, up to date, and members needs/wants are being taken care of. everyone here is absolutely fantastic and i would really love to have the opportunity to give back to the amazing people that have helped make cosl what it is today (staff and members alike).

anything else?: you guys are absolutely fantastic xo and good luck to everyone else that applied!
« ˟ 09.17.17 ˟ » i'm slowly getting around to replying to everyone, my apologies for the long wait! i'm using a randomizer to decide the order i reply to the threads, so if i reply to someone faster than you, it's not intentional!

« ˟ BEFORE YOU PLOT WITH ME ˟ » please be aware that i am the sort of person that puts my job before anything, and my social life second. rp is a hobby for me, and therefore replies can take time. if you want someone who replies fast, i am not the partner for you.

TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     i live for triggers. i won't do age gap plots unless it's mxf, i play the male, and the woman is older tho. also won’t do nothing yathing involvong cheating. soz not soz.
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channy     20ish years old     she/her
pm or discord: channy#6343
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Jan 3 2017, 11:51 PM         Quote        
name: channy
time zone: pst.
how often you're on the site: i'm usually on the site every single day. probably 90% of the time i am here, if i'm not out with friends or at work. (i have no life unfortunately). you can pretty much find me on the site throughout the day tbh.
do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: i have aim and skype, but if i need the others, then i'll get them.
past staffing experience: i've was a mod for a past site 2+ years. i ran my own site for a year and a half.
do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: i don't really make anything unfortunately. ): hope that doesn't stop my chances. c:
why do you think we should pick you?: i'm super duper active on this site. i've been on this site for almost a year and 9,000 posts within the first year???? who can do that?? lol i'm always welcoming when it comes to new members and old members. i'm always up for plotting everyone. i have a lot of fun on the site, and i get along with everyone tbh. as for being a mod, i can help keep the site tidy and updated. i would make sure whatever needs to be done will be done at a timely manner. i'm pretty much easy to get along with. i would really love to show you guys that i can actually handle what you're asking from me.
anything else?: you guys are awesome and i love this place. the best choice i made of 2016 was coming to this site.
[sept. 17] : hey! so from the 18-24, i'm not going to be here! i'll be visiting my brother on the other side of the states before going to LIB festival right after i come back home so i'm gonna be dead to the world. so the replies will be the next coming monday! i do want to keep everything !!!
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     nothing tbh. lay it on me
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melissa     25 years old     she / her
discord + pm
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Jan 4 2017, 01:51 AM         Quote        
name: melissa
time zone: cst
how often you're on the site: i'm on cosl pretty much anytime i'm not at work / school tbh! a lot of my time is spend on cosl at night but it really varies depending on my schedule that week!
do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: i have aim, skype, and discord although i rarely use skype anymore.
past staffing experience: i've been an admin + mod for many sites in the past but have not done any staffing within the past few years. currently a cbox mod for cosl though!
do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: i can make gifs + graphics! i make all my own avatars and there's a ton of various graphics / gifs i've made on my old tumblr here. kristen will warn you to keep me away from coding things tho haha.
why do you think we should pick you?: i think i'd make a pretty good addition to the cosl staff. i'm a bit ocd at keeping my tracked topics clean and i'm probably one of the number one offenders of posting in the graveyarding thread so i'd be sure to keep that up to date whenever i'm online as well as clearing out the communications forum which is one i frequent heavily! you can always get in touch with me as i've got aim and discord on my phone 24/7 so if there's a problem i'm always available. i can make graphics + gifs if necessary for the site and helping out with advertising would be no issue. i will say i do need to talk in the cbox more which is something i know i can get done with no issue. i'm hoping you guys make the right decision for cosl and regardless of the outcome i'll still be here enjoying the site.
anything else?: http://i.imgbox.com/HaTqEkuc.png http://i.imgbox.com/Hmo5zk8Y.png http://i.imgbox.com/5fga4lUf.png
AUGUST 30th - literally the sleepiest 99% of the time but also here for some new comms so hit me up.
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     if i feel uncomfortable with anything i'll let you know
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baby, i'm a hawkstar!

hawk     28 years old     her/she
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Jan 5 2017, 01:23 PM         Quote        
name: hawk
time zone: mountain
how often you're on the site: 99.9% until further notice
do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: i have aim and skype. i'm mostly on aim because i forget to open skype most times and more recently discord.
past staffing experience: i've adminned on many different sites before, i know how to work the cp section pretty well and cbox's as well.
do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: i can do graphics and gifs(but i prefer graphics because it's easier.)
those are for a couple of private sites that i have, i've also done my avatar as well as a cassie's current ones.
why do you think we should pick you?: i'm on a lot, mostly because i don't have a job at the moment. i know my way around jcink boards fairly well, i like to think i get along with pretty much everybody as well. i work well with others and i try to keep myself caught up with replies on a regular basis.
anything else?: i love you guys and i hope you pick the perfect person for the job <3 good luck everyone!
[sep. 18th] so i went through my tracked topics and archived threads that haven't been posted to since they started. (with a couple of exceptions) if i haven't heard anything from you about it, that's why i did it. if you'd like to continue please let me know and i'll have them moved back.

i don't reply to threads unless all of them are replied to/started first. this includes comms. please remember this before you think i've gone and abandoned plots.

i'd also like to point out that i do subscribe to the topics i'm tagged in, so if you'd like just tag me in the main post and when i get the alert i'll subscribe right away. <3

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pk     26 years old     she / her
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Jan 6 2017, 02:07 AM         Quote        
name: lay
time zone: gmt+8
how often you're on the site: most of the time im awake tbh?? like 90% of the time.
do you have aim, skype, discord and/or whatsapp?: i have aim and just recently discord
past staffing experience: ive admined a few sites before?? i was graphic mod at candyland couture for sometime a few years ago and i think that was the last
do you make graphics, gifs or code? please link examples.: i make graphics + gifs then basic codes. https://aleinayo.imgur.com these are actually pretty old?? and im a little rusty lol
why do you think we should pick you?: i can be here when most people aren't on? like, i think my timezone allows me to bridge a few ones? im also quite the neat freak, i want threads.to be organized and stuff so the graveyard will probably he a hangout place for me if ever im chosen tbh, ((:
anything else?: ily all and goodluck to everyone <333
did you see my bag?
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     it's really just rape and incest.
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