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 sebstan + margot robbie x the world, because i'm garbage
alias: hannah
age: 20
pronouns: she/her(s)
( may 15 ) i have a surge of muse and i want to use it. i've put some requests up and plan on adding a few more into the mix, so be on the lookout for those soon.
timezone: eastern (gmt -5)
mature: ask first
contact: hannah#2537 @ discord
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May 15 2017, 01:24 AM
hold on loosely
listen, i just really love margot robbie and sebastian stan to bits and i need more things with their lovely faces, and thus this request was born. i'm down to do mxf & fxf plots with them, and if we do mxf plots, if i play a guy for you, you play a guy for me because that's the fair way to do it. i'll play as or against both seb and margot and would like a chance to do both. faces and plots in bold are my favorites and if you give me them i'll love you forever. italicized faces are ones i'd rather play against, and any face with an open heart (♡) next to it are ones that i'd rather play as. for more faces & plots click here to go to my crackship. if you give me sebastian stan x margot robbie, i will love you forever because that pairing is one of my all-time favorites. so yeah, just give me some sebstan and some margot robbie and i'll be a happy camper.

adelaide kane, aja naomi king, alanna masterson, alicia vikander, alycia debnam-carey, andrew lincoln, anthony mackie, brie larson, camila mendes, chadwick boseman, charlie cox, charlie hunnam, chris evans, chris hemsworth, chris pratt, daisy ridley, danai gurira, danielle campbell, dev patel, domnhall gleeson, elizabeth olsen, emilia clarke, henry cavill, idris elba, jack falahee, james mcavoy, jeffrey dean morgan, jesse eisenberg, katherine langford, ksenia solo, lauren cohan, lili reinhart, lindsey morgan, madelaine petsch, maia mitchell, michael b. jordan, natalia dyer, natalie dormer, nicola peltz, norman reedus ♡, priyanka chopra, rami malek, robert downey jr., rosamund pike, ryan gosling, ryan reynolds, sam claflin ♡, shay mitchell, sophie turner, steven yeun, tom hiddleston, tom holland, tom payne.

celebrities athlete x coach, athlete x coach's child, rival athletes, olympics plots (winter or summer), royalty, politics, client x bodyguard, affairs/cheating, best friend x best friend's significant other, sibling x sibling's significant other best friend's sibling, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, jealousy, engagement/wedding, bride x best man/maid of honor, groom x best man/maid of honor, bride x bridesmaid/groomsman, groom x bridesmaid/groomsman, supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.), powers & abilities, arranged marriage, historical plots, mercenaries/spies, military plots, fbi agents, police officers (esp. police partners who snark a lot), detectives, criminals, lawyers, stakeouts, undercover work, prostitution, mafia, bad boy x good girl/boy, bad girl x good girl/boy, rich x poor, rich x rich, poor x poor, forbidden/secret relationships, post apocalyptic plots (esp zombie apocalypse!!!) toxic relationships, incest, stepcest, parent x babysitter/nanny, roommates, pregnancy/baby plots!!!, miscarriage, child death, single parents, high school sweethearts, high school reunion, boss x employee, boss's spouse x employee, boss's child x employee, drunk vegas wedding, college plots, teacher x student, based on six word stories, based on tumblr aus/prompts.

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