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 newbie guide
alias: cassie
age: 31
pronouns: she / her
april 23: i am back. i am still pretty busy at work so limiting to two per person unless i say otherwise.
timezone: central
mature: yes
contact: pm me
member group: the little mermaid
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Jul 27 2016, 05:18 PM
the newbie guide
welcome to our humble abode!
we're so happy to have you!

we've strived to cover everything you need to know about cosl right here. but if you have any additional questions, feel free to jump over to the ask cosl thread or ask in the cbox. someone will be happy to answer!

1.) first things first: register in all lowercase with a name that includes your alias. you can register with simply your name like, cassie, or you can choose to jazz it up and make it something like, i'm cassie fucking fitch. it's up to you, as long as your alias is an obvious part of your username!

2.) posting a crackship is a good place to start! crackships are almost like rp profiles. you can tell everyone a little about yourself, list off the faces you like using, and the plots you're interested in. if you're not sure how to go about this, check out the crackships that are already posted to get an idea of how people set them up!

3.) you can also check out the requests! not everyone likes posting a crackship, so instead, you can check out people's requests or post your own! they're organized by type and we've covered everything we can think of, so feel free to browse. check out the forum descriptions to figure out where your requests should go!

4.) once you've got some plots started, get to posting! we've set up forums to cover (we think!) pretty much everything. so just post where you think is most appropriate for your thread to go. since we're a free for all rp, we don't have a face claim or character accounts or anything like that. you just specify the face and character name right there in your post!

5.) tracking topics is super helpful. with all the requests and threads you will (hopefully!) be putting up, tracking topics is a great way to keep track of all that. at the very topic of the topic, there is a link that says "track this topic." all you have to do is click and you're subscribed to that topic. then in your control panel, under "subscriptions, view topics," you can see all the topics you're subscribed to and even get email alerts when people reply!

6.) you can also post a tracker in the tracking forum! some people like to post trackers instead of tracking topics or in addition to tracking topics. trackers can be as simple or as detailed as you want. you can use it to keep track of your threads and requests. you can post synopses of your plots or anything else you want. you can take a look at some of the other trackers posted in the forum to get an idea of what people do, but you can track things however you'd like!

7.) for group plotting, check out the group plotting threads! if you're plotting with more than one other person, posting a group plotting thread is really helpful. it's an easy way for everyone to stay in contact and keep the plotting going.

8.) the site has two tumblrs: the site tumblr and a fan or fuck yeah tumblr. if you're on tumblr, you can totally follow both and contribute to the fuckyeah tumblr! it's for submitting links to requests or otp graphics or love for members or characters, writing blurbs, whatever you can think of!

9.) feel free to use all the ooc things! talk in the cbox, post in the forum games, and the general chat. one of the great things about cosl is that it's so easy to make friends! everyone is super friendly, so don't be afraid to ask questions, chat, and get to know the people here!

10.) if you need help with codes or are just looking for some codes to use, check out the coding forum. we have tons of talented members who post their codes for you all to use. just make sure to read the rules they've specified in their coding threads and be sure to follow those!

that's it for now! remember, if you have any questions, feel free to post here or ask in the cbox. someone will be happy to help you. welcome to cosl, and we hope to see you posting soon!

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