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alias: cassie
age: 31
pronouns: she / her
april 23: i am back. i am still pretty busy at work so limiting to two per person unless i say otherwise.
timezone: central
mature: yes
contact: pm me
member group: the little mermaid
status: Online
22300 posts 14100 points
Jul 27 2016, 05:21 PM
    please do not register with a character's name. at cosl, we require that you register with a username that has your alias in it. for example, my username is i'm cassie fucking fitch since my name is cassie. obviously there may be other people with your alias but that shouldn't be an issue since you have the opportunity to play around with your name a bit. people use song lyrics, bands, characters, etc. if you need help thinking of a username, you can always ask people in the cbox and we are sure some people will be able to assist you. please register your username in all lowercase letters. if you do not do that, just post in the name changes thread and have one of the admins fix it for you.

    because of the nature of the site, each member on cosl is allowed one account only. if for some reason you'd like to register a new account, please contact an admin to have your old account deleted. for more information, check out the announcement here. if an admin finds that you have multiple accounts, it will result in your old ones being deleted and being given a warning.


    avs should be no larger than 250x400, and sigs should not exceed the 500px width limit. since you only have one account, your graphics can be of whatever you like -- favorite character, favorite tv show, etc, etc, doesn't matter. in addition, please keep ALL images pg-13—no nudity, extreme violence, and heavy triggers. this includes images in your av, signature, posts, requests, etc. thanks!


    so, once you have registered we recommend checking out the newbie guide, which will give you all the information about the different forums and what everything means. if you still have question or aren't sure what to do, check out some of the requests!


    when choosing faces to use around the site, we ask that you do not use deceased celebrities and celebrities that have asked not to be used. please make sure that all faces are 18+ in age.


    if you're taking part in a plot that involves potentially triggering issues, including but not limited to: incest, rape, extreme violence, murder, extreme racism or prejudice, cutting, anorexia, bulimia, abortion, or abuse [verbal and non-verbal], you need to follow these guidelines. all posts pertaining to those topics, including requests, group plotting threads, and role playing threads, need to be tagged [M] in the topic line. also, at the top of the first post [not on every post in the thread, just the first one] there needs to be TRIGGER WARNING: ISSUE at the top. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN A M THREAD IF YOU ARE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. IF WE FIND THAT YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN A M THREAD AND YOU'RE UNDER 18, YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE BANNED FROM THE SITE. WE ALSO ASK THAT YOU DO NOT READ M THREADS IF YOU'RE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. WE WOULD ALSO ASK THAT YOUR CHARACTERS AND THE FACE CLAIMS THAT YOU USE FOR YOUR CHARACTERS ON COSL ARE 18 AND OLDER.


    cosl implements a strict anti-bullying policy. reports of any attacks on members or efforts to make other members feel unwelcome or uncomfortable will be treated with utmost sincerity and severity. be mindful of the fact that there is another human being behind their screen, and be kind!

    this also included indirect forms of bullying. for example, we have taken noticed that in the code testing forum people have been posting pretty rude things directed towards other people stealing their codes. if you're having an issue with code stealing, please go to one of the admins. if we continue to see these kinds of posts in the code testing forum, you will receive a warning and those posts will be deleted.


    breach of any rules will result in a warning, save for bullying, which will result in two warnings. beyond that, the system operates as follows:

  • third warning: 1 week suspension
  • fourth warning : 1 month suspension
  • fifth warning: ban


    stealing of any kind is very serious and absolutely not tolerated on cosl. this includes but is not limited to writing, graphics, and codes. we cannot stress the importance of obtaining codes the proper way. under no circumstances are you allowed to quote a post and take a code. feel free to grab codes posted for public use in the coding resources section. or if you want to use a code you see someone using, simply pm them and ask where they got it so you can ask them or the owner for permission to use it.

    we do not have any activity checks on cosl. however, we do clean out the forums pretty regularly for things that have not been posted in for over 60 or 90 days, depending on the forum. if by chance we archive something that you want back, just post in the mod action thread and one of the staff members will get right on it.

    when talking in the cbox, we require all content to be pg-13 or under. we ask that no inappropriate, mature or trigger related themed things be discussed in the cbox. the cbox is a place to chat with other members, occasionally link your requests and get to know one another. however, please try to limit the length of conversations. long conversations or conversations that are between two or three people and are harder for other people to join need to be either brought to pm or an instant messaging program. we ask this so that people do not feel as though they are unable to come into the cbox or that they will be intruding in your conversation. we also ask that you try to limit the amount of times you spam your requests or multi post (the amount of times you post in a row). if you have any questions about this, feel free to shoot cassie a pm.
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