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Jan 7 2017, 10:20 PM

Audrey should never have left the states. Sure, school was expensive anywhere, but the cost of living in London was killing her. Not only was she paying three times the rent she had been paying during her undergrad, but food was expensive, clothes were expensive, tuition was expensive...

She was just completing her Masters program, and it was worth it. Or so she was telling herself. She would tell herself that day in and day out: there was no supervisor she'd rather work with, no better place to collect data. But between working two jobs (typist at a law firm during the day, waitress in the evenings), trying to get her school work done, marking for the classes she was a tutorial assistant for, and trying to sleep, there weren't enough hours in the day.

And when she ended up looking at her bank account balance at the end of every month with only pennies to spare, she started wondering if higher education was even worth it at all.

And that wasn't even counting her loans, which she had yet to pay back.

She still hadn't even found a job.

One night, though, one of her coworkers at the bar suggested something: finding a sugar daddy. Now, Audrey didn't think it was the right thing for her, but she had let her coworker set up a profile, joking the whole time that no one would take on a debt-ridden, under-employed American, even if she did have long legs and expressive features.

Needless to say, when she received his message late that night, she was surprised.

Stunned might have been a better word.

Now, on a rare evening off, she had foolishly slipped into the nicest dress she owned (black, cut a few inches above the knee and a few inches below the collarbone, slinky all the way down) and was meeting him for a drink to see if what he offered was actually legit - and frankly, to see if he was even real, because it all seemed too good to be true.

But then, maybe it wasn't: there he was, sitting at the bar, all broad shoulders and chiseled features. "Uh, hi - I'm Audrey" She greeted, standing next to him uncomfortably in her heels, hoping it was actually him and not some weird fluke.

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