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 do something crazy!, jersey shore group plotter~
you're sawft, laine!
1.28.17. almost got to a month without poofing but oops~ had to handle some things in the real world and cosl got too overwhelming for that but here i am- take me in all my glory.
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    ❅   Quote   ❅     ❅     ❅   Sep 24 2017, 12:29 PM

"the names nico moretti- twenty nine years young and i was born and raised in staten island howev'uh i live in south philly. i own my own gym in philly and it's a'ight ya know? pays the bills and all'a that. i'm real excited to head down the shore for the summer- excited to meet my roommates for the next couple weeks but mostly i'm jus'ready to party ya kno'mean? i love to party, have a good time wit' good people no drama bullshit- that's basically how i live my life, badaboom realest guy in the room how you doin?"

nico is a loyal guy- once you're considered a friend he'll have your back no matter what. you could be dead wrong arguing with someone that the sun is green and nico will pop up like "BOY THE SUN IS GREEN AF WHAT CHU TALKIN ABOUT?" and if the argument gets physical nico will be right there waiting to defend you. now he's a firm believer in first impressions- some make it through the cracks and can redeem themselves but most people if you're fake; a hater etc he won't care for you. he's also very blunt- he'll be one hundred percent real with you one hundred percent of the time he's no bullshitter. nico is also a bit of a whore- he loves sex and loves messing around with women no matter their age (21+ obviously); size; race- if you have a pulse, boobs and a hole nico will be right there waiting. but overall he's a great guy to be around- definitely the life of the party.



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a merry little jessmas
I'm starting over from scratch, so if you have any plots with me that you want to continue, let me know.
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jenny really is a sweetheart, she didn't get her nickname for no reason. she likes to be there for people, and if you need someone to bail you out, have a movie night, or go clubbing with, she'll almost always say yes. she acts like an innocent girl, but in reality, she sleeps around like crazy. she'll make out with girls to get attention from guys, and she has problems with keeping it in her pants. she's the "i have condoms in my purse 24/7" girl.

she's super protective of her friends, though, so if a girl is getting in your face, she'll step in and choke a bitch. especially if she's drunk. she has tattoos, piercings in all sorts of places, and she just loves to have a good time.


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