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 donation explanation, how much we need each year
cassie cabello.
january 11th: after a few down days i am back and trying to get caught up. forever taking on new things though because i have zero self control.
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donation explanation
recently a member pmed me to ask me how much it actually cost to keep cosl up and running each year and suggested that i make a post explaining the cost. i thought it was a good idea and so here is a break down of the cost of the things we pay for each year and when they expire.

domain name: $18.17 (total w/ tax) [expires: dec. 7th, 2018]
premium cbox: $20.00 [expires: oct. 7th, 2018]
premium jcink: $79.99 [expires: oct. 18th, 2018]

total cost each year: $118.16

current donations: $5.00
total needed for 2018: $113.16

basically to break it down, if 50 members donated $2.35 we would have the total amount we needed each year to get the three things that we use for the site. if you have any questions or anything about this, feel free to shoot me a pm.





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