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 i'm running low, tag: isa with scorp!
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may 18: back in full swing for a little bit! going to cancun for softball in a few weeks & then i'll be working full time all summer, but i'll make time, no worries. <3
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Jan 10 2017, 01:21 PM
lily sat on her couch with a slight pout on her lips as she read over the two letters, one from each of her brothers. she had invited them both over but they were both busy, leaving her to fend for herself. she set the sheets of parchment down and rested her chin in her hands, thinking up a plan. her stomach rumbled and she hummed softly in thought as she stood to head into the kitchen. she glanced around her kitchen before looking through the cabinets and refrigerator, realizing they were empty except for a few boxes of macaroni and cheese and some milk.

a little grin came into place in her lips as she sat down at the kitchen table and began writing another letter, this one to scorpius:

dearest scor,

there's an emergency at my new apartment, please get here as soon as you can! sos!

love, lily

she smirked to herself and tossed her auburn locks over her shoulder before standing and heading to her sweet owl, lulu. "last one i'm sending today, i promise," she told the owl before attaching the envelope to her foot and opening the window for her.

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