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 riz ahmed x the world 💖, mxf + mxm | comms + rfs
alias: isa
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
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timezone: gmt +8
mature: yes
contact: telegram + discord
member group: buzz lightyear
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Jan 9 2017, 03:16 AM
-is trash-
hey wsup i'm straight up riz ahmed trash so i'm pretty much /here/ to make a request for threads with him he is the shining sun love of my life and im SO MAD he didn't win at the golden globes jfc

SSSOOOOOO – i'm interested in playing both against him and using him as a playby!!! i'll keep my request succinct: here for mxf and mxm plots in no particular order and i'm looking for both rfs and comms right now but i'm not fond of myoa-ish comms all the time so hopefully the comm leads to a thread or something of that nature. no smut if you're under 18!!!, i cannot stress this enough.

as far as plots go, i'm very flexible. i have the following triggers/no plots, however: rape / noncon / dubious consent / blood-related incest (step-cest is up for discussion???) / abuse / gore / suicide / self-harm so please be mindful of those thingsi f you're going to suggest anything <3 for faces and plots i dig, head over to my crackship!!!

i think that's pretty much it!!! y'all go wild pls i ////need//// this

© kristen
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