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 it's gonna be may
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a heads-up that I am getting married on the 5th of May! Very exciting but it means that the weeks before I am alternating between crazy busy pulling my hair out and relaxing, trying not to stress before the big day. So I may be a bit mia until the wedding.

Then I go away for my honeymoon on the 13th May, also very exciting! But it is a cruise until the 30th May, so internet will be terrible at best. Not sure if I’ll be on much at all while I’m on holiday.

I don’t want to drop anything, but I understand if it’s too long to wait for people. Just let me know, I won’t be mad :)

http://skinny-love.net/index.php?act=ST&f=73&t=45862 <<< for people i have plots with <3
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Yay congrats!!! Have fun!!! I'll definitely wait, still 100% down for both of our things. <3
22 may - idk man i am just trash. i'm nooooot planning to drop anything! if it's been more than like two weeks, feel free to poke me. i'm just lazy and trash and have been working hella hours lately. love me.
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please no: rape, abuse, anything with a victim/abuser or heavy power type of dynamic; these are not necessarily triggers, per se, just things that make me uncomfortable/i am uninterested in exploring in rp.
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