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happy holidays!love the cosl staff
welcome to cosl! we are a five-year-old, free-for-all, multiple verses roleplay. register with a username in lowercase that has your alias in it, and make sure you read all the topics in the important forum before continuing. if you need help, contact a staff member and we'll be happy to help you!
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 welcome to cosl 2.0, announcement 01
Jul 31 2016, 06:07 PM
welcome to cosl 2.0
we're so excited to finally have made the move to jcink. with this move, it means we have a fresh start with a lot of different things. one major thing that has changed is that we now require you to register your accounts in all lowercase letters. we know that may be confusing at first but personally i just prefer lowercase. another major change is that you're now able to change your own usernames and there is no longer a two month long wait to do so. just make sure that your username always includes your alias and if we catch that it doesn't, we will send you a pm with a warning to change it. we also have emojis and the use of alerts. please check the how to use alerts thread in the important information forum and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a pm. we're also using the point system and there are things you can redeem your points for. if you have any suggestions as to what we should add, again send me a pm!

thank you to everyone who has stuck with us throughout the years. the end of the month marks our five year anniversary being opened and we couldn't be happier. also a huge thanks to ro for working so hard on this skin and the revamp, we really do appreciate her and with that said, have decided to promote her to admin! we love you all and cannot wait to start rping with everyone again.

player update
january 16th: i should be able to get mostly caught up tomorrow (hopefully). i am finally getting adjusted to my new job and am working less at my other one so i won't be as drained as i have been. still prefer comms and one liners at the moment though.
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