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favourite faces

max minghella, bob morley, xavier serrano, kit harington, tyler posey, jack falahee, zayn malik, matt daddario, dylan o'brien (scruffy adult pls), brandon perea, toby kebell, avan jogia (but not as a baby), adam driver, jamie bell, jamie dornan, tom hardy, milo ventimiglia, diego barrueco, marlon teixeira, luke pasqualino, pablo schreiber, shiloh fernandez, jesse lee soffer, tyler hoechlin, almost any girl, and feel free to ask

saoirse ronan (*), kiersey clemons, kelly gale, antonia thomas, josefine frida pettesen (*), lydia graham, maggie duran, ashley moore, brie larson, lily collins, selena gomez, rooney mara *star, crystal reed, jessica chastain, hayley bennett, jamie chung, kiko mizuhara, cara delevigne, ariana grande, margot robbie, camila cabello, barbara palvin, lili reinhart, cintia dicker, hayley kiyoko, almost any woman over 30 / almost any model

not favourite faces

okay, i'm a little picky, especially when it comes to men, but: abusers, gigi hadid, nico tortorella, justin bieber, jenner faces, shameless faces other than jeremy allen white, david gandy, niall horan, louis tomlinson, or i'll let you know if i don't fancy someone; also as a rule of thumb, please use gifs etc of the present day. i get frustrated using bby gifs of pbs.

triggers/no gos

not too much (some non-con and dub-con), bio-cest (mostly), but generally asking is good


give me everything! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


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