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 ♡ secret little rendezvous, mxm
alias: shilo
age: 19
pronouns: they/them
april 2nd - i'm slowly settling back in with everything, but i'm gonna be real slow the next two weeks, i will be taking things on though so hmu if you wanna pick up where we left with plots or threads even!
timezone: gmt
mature: yes
contact: pm for skype
member group: piglet
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Jan 10 2017, 02:57 PM
♡ myoa
hi fam!!! shilo here w a first request ever on cosl?? yeah i'm p new here so take it easy on me while i figure stuff out which shouldn't take too long i guess?? anyway all u have to know is that i'm mxm trash & that's literally all i have muse for 99% of the time tbh. so i'm here asking for all the mxm comms and rfs i'll be limiting these to 4 comms per person and 2 rfs per person just so i don't get overwhelmed. plot wise i'm literally up for anything and my only trigger is rape tbh. i'm also p chill w faces so feel free to use whoever u want. lmk if there's any specific plots u wanna do and i will bend to ur wishes, i'm p flexible too lol so request away friends!


[b]comms or rfs:[/b] or both tbh??
[b]number: [/b] how manyyy
[b]triggers:[/b] u kno the drill
[b]no go faces:[/b] u kno the drill
[b]specific plots:[/b] u can delete this if u don't have any
[b]specific faces:[/b] any ships or just anyone u would want me to use?

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