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the force is strong with leela
alias leela age 26 pronouns she/her timezone EST contact discord: flmealchemist#5212 group peppermint stick brownies status Online currently (Reading Board Index) last active 2 minutes ago posts 9721 points 106645 topics view all posts view all
fav pals
older ladies + guys. tbh if you ask me for a plot where i can play olivia wilde, or against jason sudeikis or ioan gruffudd, i probs won't say no. also really love zoe saldana, tatiana maslany, peter capaldi, chris evans, idris elba, and jenna coleman. i am pretty flexible, though have a preference for people i am familiar with.
no thanks
disney, girl/boy bands, anyone who is deceased, anyone accused of abuse, and a handful of randoms that i'd probably just let you use anyway tbh.
please don't
rape, abuse, anything with a victim/abuser or heavy power type of dynamic; these are not necessarily triggers, per se, just things that make me uncomfortable/i am uninterested in exploring in rp.
hey there snowflakes
2 december - sorry guise, i've been sick. not dropping anything, and i hope to get through what i owe within the next couple days.
and the winner is





old dudes