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july 27 we have a new skin that was created by our amazing admin, becky! we are also celebrating our seven years of being open throughout the month of august so thank you to all of you that have been with us throughout this entire process and to all the new members that join us everyday! we love each and everyone of you and this site would not be as successful as it is if it weren't for each and every one of you. we're currently looking for a coding mod (or two), so if you're interested -- please check out our most recent announcement!

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josie quinzel

favourite faces

tooooooo many

not favourite faces

justin bieber

triggers/no gos

eating disorders



12th august - soooo things have been super busy bc i finish work on friday and have to make sure my replacement is all trained up before then. i haven't forgotten about replies/starters and will be getting to them asap <3


age: 24
pronouns: she/her
mature? yes
contact: pm for discord
timezone: gmt
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