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 💕 that's right, my type, comms first pls
alias: sheila
age: 18
pronouns: she/her
hey pals<i>!</i> <p> so i am very much here <i>(</i> even though it may not seem like it atm <i>)</i> — it's just that college is quite hectic and rl comes first ??? so — yes<i>!</i> i do wanna rp w/ yall and i am slowly making my way to getting to al of ya; it's just gonna be at a snails pace && if you're fine w/ that, then cool beans<i>!</i>
timezone: PST.
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Oct 21 2016, 06:20 PM
harley quinn

gUESS whO's sobbing rn??? mE. i found another pal who likes to rp kpop siGN ME UP.

okay!!! iM gonna be a lil different and choose some different ships i hopE u don't mind.

— jungkook x taehyung & enemies w/ benefits: wOOHOO. i don't know how they'd be enemies?? maybe its like the draco and harry first interaction where harry went off on draco's ass. bUt yeah, it could be something stupid that got them to be enemies or maybe it was something big and important. there's tension between them but they'd probs wouldn't be able to tell that there's sexual tension hidden between the arguments and such. uM i'm fine rping either boy tbh, leaning towards taehyung (b/c angry dom tae i just.. hot damn) but i'm fine w/ either boy lol.

— chanyeol x sehun & korean idols (maybe a hint of cheating and such): im a lil biased for sehun but i'm fine to rp chanyeol if you'd like. it'd be under the wraps b/c ya know how they aren't very supportive for the lbgt community. maybe one of them is already in a relationship publicly w/ some female idol but they cheat on w/ each other on the side??

i know this is pretty damn vague but we can definitely plot it out more! feel free to +/- anything and we don't have to rp if you have too much on ur plate but yeah. my aim is also (r.ainstorm) so feel free to hmu there too!
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