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 my flower 🦄, mxm & fxf comms
alias: zaf
age: 20
pronouns: she / hers
last sem of uni so expect some kind of inactivity xo
timezone: ist
mature: yes
contact: pm for skype
member group: moana
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Nov 4 2016, 11:22 AM

• lorelei •

i cant believe im putting up a request after 5729201 easy on me

anyway i want comms!!! which can always ease into rfs ofc but yeah :) i'm looking for mxm and fxf but...i might be persuaded to do mxf if the pairing's rly great lmao. 2 comms per person pls and i prefer using kpop / non kpop poc - whether it's from hollywood, eastern cinema, south asian cinema, models etc etc and they dont need to be a face im familiar with, lmao, everything goes :"D

i do not rp / feel comfortable rping themes of rape, incest, terminal illness, pregnancy plots and abuse. i also don't rp with anyone under the age of 18 - whether it's the rper, playby or character aaaand as for faces, i'm not the biggest fan of ikon, big bang, 2ne1, bts (kinda.....i don't mind them in bts x non bts pairings!! don't hate me lmao), block b, vixx (minus hakyeon), justin bieber, the jenners, scarlett johansson, vanessa hudgens, taylor swift, shailene woodley, jennifer lawrence, louis tomlinson and liam payne!

let me know how many comms you're looking for, what pairings and what faces / plots to avoid <3 <3

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