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 wait for it.
alias: kate
age: 26
pronouns: she/her
timezone: CST
mature: yes
contact: PM/AIM
member group: moana
status: Online
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Aug 2 2016, 02:24 PM


hellooo. i'm kate. here's my stuff. i do work mon-fri, though not all day. so i do have plenty of free time. i try to be prompt with replies. some days i can reply multiple times, but sometimes you might only get one reply a week. i try not to make anyone wait longer than that. my posts are average, not too short, not too long. i write until i'm satisfied with a post, and i'm not real fussy about it. quality over quantity and all that.

i mostly stick with mxf, but i will do mxm with the right pairing/plot. i'll be picky with them. i really enjoy plots that last; multiple threads, so many pages. i get attached. however, if you're not feeling something anymore, no problem, just tell me and we'll be cool. i play both guys and gals, but i don't want to get stuck playing all the guys. we don't need to do the whole i'll play one for you if you play one for me, but i will not do pairings with you if you only ever play girls, because i'd like the option to be there if it comes up. no real limits, just no incest.

i am not limited to the faces here. feel free to suggest others that are similar to these that you think i'd be cool with. you're also free to use just about anyone you want. i just ask no boy/girl band faces or youtubers.

please include some general plot idea when you post, otherwise i will not even bother responding.


  • crime (rival gangs, couple reunited after one in jail, bank robbers, cop x criminal, cop x spouse, kidnapping/hostage, prostitute x pimp, prostitute x customer) | domestic/relationships (newlyweds, affairs, failing marriage, long distance, miscarriage, adoption, trying for baby, accidental pregnancy, online relationship, single parent x single parent, single parent dating, one night stand, nanny x parent, babysitter x parent, age gap, soldier x civilian, rockstar x groupie) | forbidden (teacher x student, friend of parent x son/daughter, parent x son/daughter's friend, son/daughter x parent's new boyfriend/girlfriend, good girl x bad boy, different social classes, different cultures, boss x employee) | historical (medieval, revolutionary america, civil war, ancient rome, world war i, world war ii, arrange marriage, great depression, roaring twenties/prohibition, 1950s, 1960s, racial issues, victorian, vietnam war, vikings, old west, colonial america, immigration, mail order bride, coal mining/gold towns, pirates (black sails<3) anything and everything) | supernatural (vampires, werewolves, zombies, all that) | mythological (Persephone x hades) miscellaneous (stripper x customer/boss, abusive relationship, addict x dealer, dystopian, modern royalty, post-apocalyptic, zombies) | fandoms (game of thrones - prefer oc, rhaegar x lyanna, robb x roslin; harry potter - oc or next gen; black sails - oc x john silver)
  • ladies

    adelaide kane, aisling franciosi, alicia vikander, alycia debnam carey, annabelle wallis, antonia clarke, bella heathcote, caitlin stasey, caitriona balfe, candice patton, ciara renee, courtney eaton, daisy ridley, danielle campbell, deepika padukone, eleanor tomlinson, eliza taylor, elizabeth debicki, elizabeth olsen, emeraude toubia, emilia clarke, emily berrington, emily bett rickards, emma dumont, emmy rossum, eve hewson, fredderike dahl hansen, freya mavor, hannah new, holly earl, imogen poots, jemima west, jenna coleman, jessica raine, jessica sula, kat mcnamara, kiersey clemons, kiko mizuhara, lauren german, lily collins, lily james, lindsey morgan, madeleine mantock, maika monroe, margot robbie, marie avgeropoulos, marina nery, nicola peltz, phoebe tonkin, rita volk, sarah gadon, scarlett bryne, shailene woodley, sophie cookson, sophie skelton, sophie turner, tina desai, tuppence middleton, willa holland, yael grobglas, zoey deutch


    aidan turner, alberto rosende, alexander koch, alfie enoch, armie hammer, bob morley, boyd holbrook, brett dalton, charlie cox, chris evans, clive standen, dan stevens, daniel sharman, dominic sherwood, finn cole, frank dillane, george blagden, gethin anthony, harry/luke treadaway, henry cavill, jack o'connell, jacob anderson, james norton, jamie blackley, jamie dornan, jessie usher, joe dempsie, liam hemsworth, luke arnold, luke pasqualino, matthew daddario, max irons, max minghella, max riemelt, michael b jordan, michiel huisman, nico mirallegro, oscar isaac, rahul kohli, rami malek, richard madden, richard rankin, rob james-collier, sam claflin, sam heughan, samuel anderson, sean teale, sebastian de souza, sebastian stan, stanley weber, taron egerton, theo james, tom ellis, tom hardy, tom hopper
    alias: ri
    age: 21
    pronouns: she/her
    hi i'm ri, hit me up on telegram if you want to talk about plots and cri

    FEBRUARY 01: i'm looking at what might be the most stressful week of my life so comms and one liners appreciated!
    timezone: manila standard time (gmt +8)
    mature: yes
    contact: rirulestheuniverse (telegram)
    member group: baymax
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    Oct 29 2016, 11:05 AM
    kate is no one.

    hi, how would you like my matt daddario and your phoebe tonkin, and my lily collins x your taron egerton? c: these are slightly more long term plots but we could always change that if you like! i'm just feeling character development and plots so here goes.

    my matt daddario and your phoebe tonkin in a plot where he's probably only like middle class and she's a trust baby - but they went to the same high school because he was on a scholarship? and they dated for a long time but then broke up pretty badly - maybe because they were headed into uni and then he probably didn't see the point of missing out and/or was super school focused anyway so he didn't really have time to maintain the relationship - or she wanted to break up with him for being pretty shit at long distance because they probably went to different universities? years later she's put up for auction because lmao the crazy things rich people do for charity work and he's already successful af so he buys her and now she has to spend the next 72 hours with him? she's super confused and he's doesn't really know what possessed him to buy her. it's really really messy at first - like lots of fighting and screaming at each other and confusion - but the longer they're together the more they sorta discover that they never really got over each other? and they might've had a rough start but by the end of three days they're kind of just wishing for more time? then this could go two ways honestly: fluff route is that they could try to go about the whole dating thing again, or the angst route where she's actually seeing someone and it confuses her more because on one hand she likes the person she's with but on the other she knews she's in love with him?

    my lily and your taron in a plot where they were bitter intellectual rivals back in high school, but the thing was he wasn't exactly very attractive and she was extremely popular so she pretty much made his life terrible during hs? and it's just a dynamic that ended up continuing until like the middle of uni when he went from like not super attractive to 'wow okay do me?' and like graduating and like ending up working in the same industry and even the same place the dynamic just never changed because #pride, which led to many charged situations so eventually maybe they hate makeout or like hate fuck and like to him it's a powertrip, bec like she's mostly under his mercy and to her it's like yo how the fuck did i get myself into this??? eventually maybe they just decided that it's a lot easier to work together than it is to just not cooperate with the other for whatever reason so that's how they kinda have this like truce? and ayt because they realize okay yo this person is pretty solid, it's kinda nice to not have to dumb myself down when i talk to someone, etc etc? there's definitely something there, but it's probably that they're bad at feelings and are used to assuming that the other just /understands/ how they're feeling so nothing is ever really said? sorta slow burn, sorta a shitton of sexual tension, sorta angsty, and just a lot of feelings in general?

    we can talk and plot on skype if you want! c: i don't have aim because it doesn't work in my country so yeahhh. i hope you like these! lmk if you do!
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