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 // freefall, version 1
alias: amber
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
give me ikon, taekook, sehun, kactors and always baekhyun
timezone: EST
mature: yes
contact: pm for aim/discord
member group: nick wilde
status: Offline
35621 posts 686585 points
Nov 6 2016, 03:28 PM
new mistakes
lynn. 23 aka rlly too old for this. but alas here i am. i'm trash for mxm. i tweet a lot and stan a lot of kpop groups [boys only though]. sometimes i end up on my phone for a few days but other than that i'm wasting my life here or on twitter. xoxo.
byun baekhyun, jeon jungkook, kim taehyung, jo jinho, jung younghoon (ooon), yang hongseok, yeo changgu, kang hyunggu, min yoongi, kim hansol, kang insoo, choi seungcheol (s coups), zhang yixing, kim junmyeon (suho), yook sungjae, oh sehun, yoo youngjae, ji soo, lee jin-ki (onew), shin hoseok (wonho), chittaphon leechaiyapornkul (ten), jonghyun, jung daehyun, kim minseok (xiumin), nam joo hyuk, choi seung hyun (top), yoo kihyun, lee jong suk, seo kang joo, kim jongdae (chen), jay park, gray, lee minhyuk (monsta x), cha eunwoo, park chanyeol, song joong ki, kang ha neul, wu yifan, and all kpop faces p much just ask about any if you're curious. [anyone in bold is just someone i'm feeling atm]

no go faces: got7, block b except zico, namjoon, vernon, woozi, dean, kai, ikon except hanbin and i think that's it.

sugar daddy x sugar baby!!!!!, cheating affair, forbidden love, age gap, soulmates au, college aus, dating site/app, friend x best friend's older sibling, jealousy, polyamorous relationships, sex workers (camboys, escorts etc.), teammates, toxic relationships, etc! feel free to suggest anything else<3
baekhyun x chanyeol, baekhyun x yixing, jongdae x minseok, jungkook x taehyung, taehyung x top, insoo x ji soo, joo hyuk x ji soo, seo kang joon x anyone, jay park/wu yifan x ladies & idk... literally anything feel free to suggest
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