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cassie palvin.

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member groups
mya: 0-149
mariah carey: 150-299
nirvana: 300-599
aaliyah: 600-999
ginuwine: 1,000-2,499
boyz ii men: 2,500-5,499
blackstreet: 5,500-9,999
tlc: 10,000-24,999
tupac: 25,000-49,999
nsync: 50,000+
hanson: mod
spice girls: admin
backstreet boys: head admin
september 12: i am back and trying to get caught up. please bear with me.
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     cancer also, i am highly scared of clowns so please, please refrain from sharing any sort of gfs or video clips of the movie it when i am around. it seriously makes my entire body tense up and i almost have a panic attack.
yes to 18+ threads
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please keep the cbox pg 13!