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 one step at a time
alias: asia
age: 19
pronouns: she/her/hers
☮ [MAY 3RD] ☮ school is done (fi-nal-fucking-ly). other than work and ... just work, i'll catch up by this weekend!
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Nov 13 2016, 05:13 PM
basically, i'm trying to start over with plots and everything (i'm sorry, but it just works easier for me that way)!! so here i am requesting myoas. for pairings, i'm doing mxf, mxm, fxf, and any nonbinary pairings. i'm sticking with only comms. i'm going to do a max of four comms per person. it's just for my own sanity. but if we finish or we just need more, then yeah! anyway... i have no triggers so please let me know if you have any. as for 'no faces', please look in my profile or crackship. so request away
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