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 take my hand through the flames, fandom trash. indulge me. pls.
alias: channy
age: 20ish
pronouns: she/her
[may 16]: i'm collecting dust over here and just hope for more things from people! love me ! after a week of not replying to communication threads, i will dead them and after a month of not replying to actual threads, i will dead them.
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Nov 28 2016, 05:18 PM
hey, it's channy. i'm pretty much decided to cave in and make a fandom request. there are so many that i possible want to do. i didn't know i had so many until now. if you have any questions about certain ones, just let me know. i'll be able to help you out. i'm only plotting with others of age: 18+ obviously. i prefer rfs (or threads) over comms and i'm up for any type of au tbh. i will play the guy for you, but please don't stick with the guy all the time please? i would appreciate it. bolded are my favorite ships. you don't have to do the bolded just because they are bolded. lol you can choose whatever you want. i'm gonna keep it 2 ships per person. i don't want to be overwhelm. also, what is striked out means they are threads already. if a plot falls through, i will reopen that ship. so happy fandom plotting.


× bucky barnes x natasha romanoff
×clint barton x natasha romanoff
× bucky barnes x steve rogers
× tony stark x pepper potts
× tony stark x steve rogers
× wanda maximoff x natasha romanoff
× pietro maximoff x anyone tbh
× wade wilson x vannesa carlysle
× james howlett (logan) x jean grey
× peter parker x mj watson
× peter parker x gwen stacy
× matt murdock x claire temple
× matt murdock x karen page
× matt murdock x elektra natchios
× jessica jones x trish walker
× luke cage x jessica jones
× luke cage x claire temple
× frank castle x karen page

dc (movieverse/tv (gotham))

× bruce wayne x diana prince
× clark kent x lois lane
× jim gordon x barbara kean
× barbara kean x tabitha galavan
× edward ngyma x kristen kringle
× bruce wayne x clark kent
× clark kent x diana prince
× floyd lawton x harley quinn
× rick flag x june moone
x the joker x harley quinn
× harley quinn x digger harkness

harry potter

× james potter x lily evans-potter
x severus snape x lily evans-potter
× ron weasley x hermione granger
× harry potter x hermione granger
× newt scamander x tina goldstein
× newt scamander x leta lestrange
× jacob kowalski x queenie goldstein

pretty little liars

x alison dilaurentis x emily fields
×aria montgomery x jason dilaurentis
× spencer hastings x caleb rivers
× caleb rivers x hanna marin
× spencer hastings x aria montgomery
× emily fields x hanna marin

the walking dead

× rick grimes x michonne
× glenn rhee x maggie greene/rhee
× daryl dixon x rick grimes
× shane walsh x lori grimes
× carol peletier x daryl dixon
x sasha williams x abraham ford
x negan x maggie greene/rhee
x negan x anyone tbh


x wes gibbins x laurel castillo (htgawm)
x michaela pratt x asher millstone (htgawm)
x connor walsh x oliver hampton (htgawm)
x lisbeth salander x mikael blomkvist (tgwtdt 2011)
x piper chapman x alex vause (oitnb)
x piper chapman x stella carlin (oitnb)
x marisol "flaca" gonzales x maritza ramos (oitnb)
x daya diaz x john bennett (oitnb)
x fiona gallagher x jimmy lishman (shameless)
x ian gallagher x mickey milkovich (shameless)
x veronica fisher x kevin ball (shameless)
x sookie stackhouse x eric northman (true blood)
x jessica hamby x hoyt fortenberry (true blood)
x ryan stackhouse x tara thorton (true blood)
x shane mccutcheon x carmen de la pica morales (the l word)
x alice pieszecki x dana fairbanks (the l word)
x bette porter x tina kennard (the l word)
x alice pieszecki x tasha williams (the l word)

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