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 i want to runaway, indigo's mess
alias: indigo
age: 24
pronouns: she / her
fyi, if i don't hear from you: unanswered starters and comms will be archived after two weeks. regular threads after a month. lmk if you want to continue something! ---- 05.22 summer courses have started so i might be a bit slower
timezone: est
mature: no
contact: pm for discord
member group: dory
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Dec 9 2016, 01:42 AM
hello, i'm indigo. i've been rping for... twelve years? i love world building and actually plotting things and developing characters so if making headcanons or having a vague plan of where we're going with things crashes your vibe i might not be the best of partners bc i'm a detail-oriented nut who is fond of long-term plots.

terms + conditions

disclaimer: i only post with people over eighteen! my preferred types of ships are mxf and fxf (including nb and trans!). i play both men and women. if you don't feel like going for two then i don't mind! i usually play twenty-five and older, but if the plot is interesting or it's a family plot with a younger sibling i might be interested! characters of color are rad btw.

i do not write smut. mention of rape as a past event without great detail is fine, but i don't write it. i'm not comfortable with incest and certain types of age gaps (ex. if one character is a student/in a submissive position) either.

i have to be honest - i get bored with real life if there isn't some sort of drama happening, so angst is always a plus. i like fluff too, to break up drama and stuff, but i can't do pure fluff either because i lose interest. i'm flexible though, i want to post things my partner's interested in so please be sure to give me any and all of your ideas if we do something together!



aja naomi king, antonia thomas, candice patton, chloe bennet, christian serratos, deepika padukone, diane gurrero, dichen lachman, elodie yung, emeraude tobia, emily browning, gemma chan, gugu mbatha-raw, hannah simone, herizen guardiola, ivana baquero, jamie chung, jessica chastain, jessica parker kennedy, karla souza, katheryn winnick, kelsey chow, kiersey clemons, lana condor, lupita nyong'o, meghan markle, morena baccarin, naomi scott, naomie harris, nicole beharie, phoebe tonkin, priyanka chopra, rosario dawson, ruth negga, seychelle gabriel, shay mitchell, sofia boutella, sophie cookson

[ models ]

ashley moore, isabella peschardt, ming xi, stephanie bertram rose, tara lynn


alfie enoch, bob morley, charlie cox, daniel henney, daniel sunjata, dj cotrona, eka darville, godfrey gao, idris elba, jake gyllenhaal, jason momoa, jesse williams, john boyega, luke pasqualino, manish dayal, michael b. jordan, michiel huisman, milo ventimiglia, nathan stewart-jarrett, rahul kohli, rami malek, steven yeun

feel free to suggest faces not listed here, i likely forgot some of the people i like.


basically all musicians, benedict cumberbatch, colton hayes, daniel radcliffe, emma watson, former disney stars, jennifer lawrence, one direction, reality tv stars, taylor swift, youtubers, ninety percent of cw stars


f / f

  • aja naomi king x karla souza
  • elodie yung x gemma chan
  • katheryn winnick x priyanka chopra
  • lana condor x naomi scott
  • f / m

  • aja naomi king x alfie enoch
  • aja naomi king x jesse williams
  • antonia thomas x godfrey gao
  • candice patton x bob morley
  • chloe bennet x bob morley
  • elodie yung x charlie cox
  • elodie yung x daniel henney
  • jamie chung x rahul kohli
  • jessica p kennedy x rami malek
  • karla souza x charlie cox
  • karla souza x godfrey gao
  • karla souza x michiel huisman
  • lupita nyong'o x oscar isaac
  • meghan markle x charlie cox
  • meghan markle x jake gyllenhaal
  • priyanka chopra x dj cotrona
  • shay mitchell x bob morley
  • shay mitchell x jason momoa
  • shin min ah x daniel henney
  • tara lynn x jason momoa
  • plots

    favorite elements

  • aliens
  • angst
  • apocalypse: zombies, etc****
  • babies/pregnancy****
  • fantasy
  • futuristic
  • large cast of npc characters
  • polyamorous relationships****
  • space
  • supernatural
  • survival
  • ride or die
  • **** i will seriously do 292480918 of these plots idec

    fandoms / inspired

  • 3% (tv)
  • avatar: the last airbender (tv)
  • battlestar galactica (tv)
  • black mirror* (tv)
  • children of men (film)
  • cho:sen* (tv)
  • dark angel (tv)
  • dragon age (video game)
  • human (tv)
  • orphan black* (tv)
  • pacific rim (film)
  • saga (comics)
  • the americans* (tv)
  • the last of us (video game)
  • the magicians (tv)
  • the walking dead (tv / video game)
  • the wolf among us (video game)
  • young justice (tv)
  • * i am not caught up on the series


    arranged marrange modern-day royalty exes reuniting during the apocalypse people colonizing a new planet pregnant during the apocalypse wwiii (though with the current political climate the desire for this has lessened OTL) dead child, dead spouse/partner, dead everything on that note: dead partner comes back to life vigilantes a marko and alana (saga) type deal where the two are from opposite sides of a war and have to be chased down bc their spawn is #notallowed newly divorced but a moment of weakness leads to a kid hunter/supernatural creature being hunted hunger games-like escaping a cult / raised in a cult x outsider immortal and a time traveler false utopia dystopia "green arrow" persona x "black canary" personafugitive from a murder (totally self-defense) that falls in love with somebody with an alias and all that jazz spies two strangers who decide to co-parent after an accidental pregnancy"hawkgirl" persona x "wally west" persona (a la the justice league cartoon)"hawkgirl" persona x "john stewart" persona (a la the justice league cartoon)"hawkgirl" persona x "j'onn j'onzz" persona (a la the justice league cartoon)
    favorites mine / won't play against want to use
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