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 ♡ // my love is on fire, comms and rfs!
alias: kristen
age: 21
pronouns: she / her / hers
may 19th -- ♡ i'm back~~

if you'd like to buy a code from me in the points thread, please pm me for availability!

timezone: central/gmt -6
mature: yes
contact: pm/aim/skype
member group: mulan
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Dec 16 2016, 04:12 AM
myoa with kristen
requesting comms and/or rf threads! limit is 3 comms and 1 rf per person. i prefer mxm but i'll also do fxf and mxf~
plots fluff, angst, smut, etc is cool with me. if you want smut, you + your characters + the face claims must be 18+ years old! i don't like terminal illness plots and incest plots (but step-cest is ok with me). my triggers are rape and abuse, so please avoid that~
fave faces look at my profile to see my favorite faces! i love to use poc faces (particularly asian actors, models, and musicians), if you aren't okay with that then this isn't the request for you! you can use whoever you want as long as they aren't on my no-go list below!! <3
no-go faces members of western/english boybands and girlbands, disney stars (past & present), nickelodeon stars (past & present), and justin bieber.
other pls use the code below!! <3
[post][u]# of comms/rf threads[/u] 3 comms max, 1 rf max (specify if you want mxm/fxf/mxf [u]no-go faces[/u] ~ [u]triggers[/u] ~ [u]anything else?[/u] c:[/post]
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