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 you're like... really pretty., mxf model plots??
Dec 18 2016, 11:09 PM

she/her - 26 - est

hiya. i'm mostly looking for mxf model plots - I don't mind if you want to play a non-model against one of the models on this list or if your faves are missing from the list. tbh I just love all these faces and would really love to play them. anything with ** after it is a person I want to play, not play against. I'm only taking on plots that are one liners/rf, and only doing switch offs of genders.


Akii lanier**, Alexia Bellini, Andreja Pejic, Anna Iaryn, Caroline kaczor, Chey Carty, Corinne Foxx, Daiane Sodre, Daisy Clementine Smith**, Diana Timofeeva, Eden Weinhardt, Eliza Hartmann, Elizabeth turner, Hana mayeda**, Hilda Dias Pimentel, Jessica Buch, Jiaye Wu, Jordy Murray, Josephine Skriver**, Julia Belyakova, Julie Henderson, Kelsey Van Mook, Margarita Kallas Lee, Maritza Veer, Megan Puleri, Michele Ouellet, Natalie Salamunec, Olga Voronova, Olivia Frischer, Paula Simkuse, Samantha Archibald, Sophie Kanny, Stephanie Hoffman, Taylor Godfrey**, Tong Zhang, Tova Wåhlin, Valentine Rontez, Vera Vavrova, Veronica Taylor, Victoria Raemy, Viktoria Orlicka, Yulia Rose


Abel Van Oeveren, Adam Gurr, Adonis Bosso, Baptiste Giabiconi, Ben Dahlhaus, Benny Paulino, Broderick Hunter**, Bryce thompson, CONNER HAMMERSCHMIDT, Calin Sitar, Casey Levens, Chris Brew, Chuck Junior Achik, Clark Morin, Claudio Monteiro, Dane Bell, Darius Johnson, Devin Way, Drew Hudson, Felix Gesnouin, Jamie Wise, Janis Ancens, Jimmy Q, Joe manganiello, Johnny Harrington, Justin Kim, Kit Butler, Landon Falgoust, Laurence Coke**, Linus Wordemann, Lucky Blue Smith, Mark Wystrach, Marlon Teixeira, Matt Cook, Matthew Bell, Matthew Holt**, Matthieu Gregoire, Nathaniel Visser, Niclas gillis**, Parker Hurley, Richard Biedul, Ryan Keating, Ryan Kennedy, Ryan Taylor**, Steven Chevrin**, Tom Barker, Victor Ross


My only triggers are rape/non-con and I avoid plots about addiction.

I'd love some holiday-centered plots (christmas, new year's), pregnancy, firefighter x paramedic, professor x student, age gaps, mafia, police officers, doctors, song plots, broken men x strong women, marriage, affairs, power couples, open marriages/relationships, divorced/separated/broken up couples that literally can't pull it together, best friend's dad, brother's best friend, long distance relationships, affairs, childhood best friends who fall in love, apartment building aus, fandom stuff (HP, Gilmore Girls, Disney Personified, a couple others). I'm good with smut but am also fine with skipping it.

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always looking for more! fair warning, I now only reply once all of our stuff has been replied to, so if we have four threads and you only reply to two, I won't reply to those again until you've hit the other ones.
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