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 starry eyes -, trashie
alias: mac
age: 23
pronouns: she, her
01 . 07. 16 hi so i'm working a lot of hrs and i've been sick - be patient with me c:
timezone: central
mature: ask first
contact: pm for aim
member group: piglet
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Dec 27 2016, 11:26 PM

""""" hi """""

what's up everyone, u can call me mac. i'm twenty-three, in the process of becoming a pharmacy tech & i've been roleplaying for fun way too long. ummmm i'm not great at being specific with these things mainly bc we should talk about the deets a little, but i'm perfectly fine with mxm, mxf, fxf. i'm going to try and keep this rlly short & sweet so hmu thru pm if u have any questions or wanna chat ok <333

**** on a side note: i'm a rlly open person ok, and tbh my thing rn is models but if u ever ever want to plot w/ me feel free to suggest things ( plots, fcs ect. ) unless i've stated i'm not into whatever it is you want to suggest.
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*** u might be able to persuade me for faces like harry styles or holland roden or idk luke hemmings or something but don't be mad if i say nah ***
i should probably list some pairings or fandoms or something but ??? i'm tired of writing this just no shadow hunters, or teen wolf. i don't want rape, incest or just smut. andddd i'm down for hp verse but marauders pls. as for like... pairings i mean we all know the basics, maybe throw a tumblr au or a song au at me i love that shit.
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