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 wicked games, maddie's fandom stuff
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Jan 1 2017, 01:01 PM
i got my heart right here +
hi i'm maddie n this is a bunch of ships that i'd like to write! bold is who i'd like to play in the pairing, if they're both bolded then it's negotiable and i could probably swing both. i like rf, comms, and longer threads. list is subject to be updated.

agents of shield
grant ward x skye johnson.
jemma simmons x skye johnson.
grant ward x leopold fitz.
grant ward x jemma simmons.
grant ward x phil coulson.
daisy johnson x phil coulson.
grant ward x john garrett.
grant ward x raina.
grant ward x melinda may.

game of thrones
cersei lannister x margaery tyrell.
cersei lannister x sansa stark.
daenerys targaryen x jon snow.
daenerys targaryen x margaery tyrell.
daenerys targaryen x khal drogo.
daenerys targaryen x jorah mormont.
daenerys targaryen x cersei lannister.
sansa stark x arya stark.
arya stark x jaquen h'gar.
sansa stark x margaery tyrell.
sansa stark x petyr baelish.
sansa stark x myrcella lannister.
sansa stark x joffrey baratheon.
sansa stark x ramsay snow.

general fandoms & aus
battle royale.
buffy the vampire slayer.
final destination.
harry potter.
the walking dead.
the heathers.
the office.
the strangers.
the 100.
until dawn.

life is strange
kate marsh x nathan prescott.
graham warren x nathan prescott.
max caulfield x nathan prescott.
max caulfield x chloe price.
max caulfield x kate marsh.
max caulfield x victoria chase.
nathan prescott x victoria chase.
max caulfield x mark jefferson.
nathan prescott x mark jefferson.
kate marsh x mark jefferson.
kate marsh x warren graham.

phoebe halliwell x piper halliwell.
paige halliwell x phoebe halliwell.
paige halliwell x piper halliwell.
piper halliwell x leonardo wyatt.
phoebe halliwell x cole turner.
violet harmon x tate langdon.
kate fuller x kisa.
kate fuller x seth gecko.
persephone x hades.
maria reynolds x alexander hamilton.
maria reynolds x elizabeth schuyler.
nina patterson x emma duval.
nina patterson x brooke maddox.
nina patterson x audrey jensen.
david collins x anna peterson (the guest).
bellamy clarke x clarke griffin.
clarke griffin x octavia blake.
clarke griffin x finn collins.
raven reyes x finn collins.
raven reyes x clarke griffin.
wendy darling x peter pan.

mystic messenger
han jumin x kim yoosung.
han jumin x mc.
han jumin x jaehee kang.
han jumin x v.
han jumin x choi saeyoung (707).
mc x choi saeyoung (707).
kim yoosung x choi saeyoung (707).
mc x jaehee kang.
v x rika.
v x mc.

noora saetre x eva mohn.
eva mohn x ingrid gaupseth.
eva mohn x jonas vasque.
eva mohn x vilde lien.
noora saetre x vilde lien.
eva mohn x christoffer schistad.

the walking dead game *** (PLS)
clementine x lee everett.
clementine x luke.
clementine x ellie williams.
clementine x kenny.
clementine x javier.
clementine x duck.
lee everett x lilly.
clementine x sarah.
clementine x arvo.
kate x javier.

until dawn
michael munroe x beth washington.
beth washington x joshua washington.
michael munroe x hannah washington.
ashley brown x christopher hartley.
emily davis x matthew taylor.
michael munroe x matthew taylor.
samantha giddings x michael munroe.
samantha giddings x joshua washington.
samantha giddings x beth washington.
michael munroe x jessica riley.
michael munroe x emily davis.
jessica riley x emily davis.
jessica riley x joshua washington.

© kristen
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