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 apocalypse please, angst and adventure~~
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fyi, if i don't hear from you: unanswered starters and comms will be archived after two weeks. regular threads after a month. lmk if you want to continue something! ---- 05.22 summer courses have started so i might be a bit slower
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Jan 1 2017, 06:06 PM

welcome to the end of the world

new year, new apocalypse (plots)!

don't mind me. i probably shouldn't be asking for more stuff but i'm a glutton for angst and bad situations. i just want some long-term plots and nice gritty character development and headcanons and these were just a few kinda specific things i wanted to do . my only triggers are incest and rape/non-con, but mentions of the latter are fine. i'm also not a fan of smut, but really, who has time to do it up with zombies on your trail? tbh i think most, if not all of these could be f/m or f/f, so lmk if you have a preference otherwise i'll assume f/m! the bolded character is who i'd like to play, but if i already have that plot claimed then i'll play either character!


bolded: favorite (atm tbh)italics: won't play against

aja naomi king, antonia thomas, candice patton, chloe bennet, christian serratos, deepika padukone, diane gurrero, dichen lachman, elodie yung, emeraude tobia, emily browning, gemma chan, gugu mbatha-raw, hannah simone, herizen guardiola, ivana baquero, jamie chung, jessica chastain, jessica parker kennedy, karla souza, katheryn winnick, kelsey chow, kiersey clemons, lana condor, lupita nyong'o, meghan markle, morena baccarin, naomi scott, naomie harris, nicole beharie, phoebe tonkin, priyanka chopra, rosario dawson, ruth negga, seychelle gabriel, shay mitchell, sofia boutella, sophie cookson

alfie enoch, bob morley, charlie cox, daniel henney, daniel sunjata, dj cotrona, eka darville, godfrey gao, idris elba, jake gyllenhaal, jason momoa, jesse williams, john boyega, luke pasqualino, manish dayal, michael b. jordan, michiel huisman, milo ventimiglia, nathan stewart-jarrett, rahul kohli, rami malek, steven yeun

if there are some faces listed with a plot then those are a few people i have in mind for the ship. but you don't have to use them! i'm willing to do multiple versions of these plots with different faces t b h~

no-go faces

basically all musicians, benedict cumberbatch, colton hayes, daniel radcliffe, emma watson, former disney stars, jennifer lawrence, one direction, reality tv stars, taylor swift, youtubers, ninety percent of cw stars


+ -


person a and person b are married with a young kid(s) when the apocalypse hits. they're days from returning home from their vacation at the family cabin when their child gets bitten by another camper. after stopping in the nearest town, getting updated on the state of the world and experiencing the chaos, they come to terms with the fact that their child's infected. person b insists on getting the child to the nearest hospital while pessimist/realist person a tries to convince person b that there's no cure for their child and they should risk the family to get to a congested area. when the kid turns while sleeping with person b, person a "kills" the kid in a desperate effort to keep it from hurting person b. in a sudden fit of horror and rage, person b shoots person a and leaves them for dead. person a comes upon person b some years later. for f/m, bonus points if person a finds person b with a babychild in tow ijs

person a:

  • jake gyllenhaal
  • jason momoa
  • jessica chastain
  • dj cotrona
  • person b:

  • priyanka chopra
  • rosario dawson
  • jamie chung
  • nicole beharie
  • + -


    a pair of siblings struggle to maintain their relationship during the apocalypse. the mature one has risked their life multiple times for the sake of their more emotional, overly reckless sibling. annoyed by their antics, and the fact that they constantly have to make up for their sibling's carelessness, when they find themselves in another bad situation the mature one doesn't stick their neck out for their sibling. instead, they slip away and go on their own way. years later, the two meet again. the reckless one has either joined or formed a group of their own - a cutthroat and brutal community which has made a name for itself in the remnants of a post-apocalyptic world. the mature one is enemy number one, and potentially has a partner, friend, or found family that's also at risk. no incest for this pls. potential for three or more players to be involved!

    the reckless one:

  • antonia thomas
  • priyanka chopra
  • bob morley
  • nicole beharie
  • the mature one:

  • jesse williams
  • naomi scott
  • shay mitchell
  • aja naomi king
  • + -


    persons a and b are members of a strict community founded during a zombie apocalypse. the community has several rules for survival, one of which is: no children. children are a liability and useless until they're older. for this reason, coupling and fornication is strictly forbidden. those who break the rules are executed to set an example. person a has a limited amount of time before her secret's out. when person b is caught stealing supplies for their escape, they have to push up their time table. if you'd rather not do f/m, i'm down for this being f/f or something platonic/familial with person a getting knocked up by someone else.

    person a:

  • kelsey chow
  • shay mitchell
  • katheryn winnick
  • elodie yung
  • person b:

  • bob morley
  • godfrey gao
  • jeffrey dean morgan
  • charlie cox
  • + -


    (this one's based off a tumblr au that i made better.) a community exists in an underground bunker built by the military and stocked when some threat (nuclear war, alien invasion, zombie virus, whatever) became too real to ignore. person a is sheltered, the great-grandchild of some politician or dignitary or some such whose family was allowed entrance to the bunker generations ago. person b is resourceful, a descendant of the chaos of the world outside. option one: when something goes awry, the bunker's security falters and the bunker is invaded by the people of person b's community. person b goes to raid person a's room and gets locked inside after the problem's fixed. after getting to know one another, person a promises to help b escape from the bunker to join their community with the promise of being assisted once on the outside. option two: person leaves the bunker while the rest of its inhabitants panic over the breach and stumbles upon person b's camp and tries to stay alive while person b takes them back to their community as proof that some stockpiled haven exists.

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