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 flash, flash, photography, celebrity plots !
alias: asia
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☮ [APR 26TH] ☮ almost done with school! but replies are coming soon, i promise <3
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Jan 2 2017, 10:32 AM
down in hollywood +
this is honestly the last thing i need to do while trying to catch up with replies, but WHO CARES? lmfao. anyway. i'm seriously lacking in celebrity plots. so why not put up a request for one? basically i want threads that revolve around hollywood and it's people (rather it's actors/actresses, models, athletes etc). im down for any pairings, mxf, fxf, and mxm. i play both guys and girls, and for this request i'm asking to flip-flop. if you don't like playing guys, then i'm totes fine with playing all the guys for you i would honestly like for these plots to develop into something long term-ish. comms and rfs are fine with me. please give me all the angst, triggers, fluff .. ANYTHING for my little heart i have no triggers, so i'm literally down for anything

as for faces- just look at my crackship??? 99% of the time, i'm okay with anyone that isn't on my no-face list. my no-faces are: taylor swift, selena gomez, demi lovato, jennifer lawrence, fifth harmony girls, little mix girls, kpop, adriana lima, justin bieber, 5sos boys, 1d guys, and zayn malik.

some ideas are: publicity stunt, fwbs, ewbs, celeb x bodyguard, celeb x non celeb, celebs that hate each other but need to work together, pornstars, publicist x celeb, model x photographer, closeted celebs, desperate actors/actress, celebs raising a family together... i don't know, these are just ideas !!

© kristen
alias: molly
age: 21
pronouns: she/her/hers
[police alarm] i've had the worst cold the past few days and haven't had much motivation for things. i'm gonna try and get caught up the next few days so pls be patient with me
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Jan 2 2017, 02:32 PM
asia freakin' rollins i know that we already have things, but i love celebrity plots so much and i honestly couldn't stop myself from posting here.

my michael b. jordan x your kylie bunbury - either celeb x bodyguard or celebs that hate each other but need to work together

my mila kunis x your ben affleck - i want something where mila is a single mom and her son is obsessed with ben because he plays her son's favorite superhero in the movies. then she wins some contest to meet ben and her son's so excited and she's just happy that her son is happy. so they go to meet ben and sparks fly between her and ben and the two start dating, but it's hard because he's always traveling and the paparazzi have been following her around and all that good stuff

my sebastian stan x your chris evans - closeted celeb pls pls pls??? i'm thinking that one of them is this actor that is known for starring in all the rom-com's and all the ladies love him. the only thing is that he's gay, but his publicity team thinks that it would be a bad idea for him to come out because it would probably mean an end to his career. he's not exactly happy about it, but he'll do it. it's not like he has anyone in his life so it's good. but then he meets the other guy and they hit it off and start dating, but obviously have to keep it a secret. so all the drama and angst and good stuff.
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