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 let it bang, plot dump v2
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[may 16]: i'm collecting dust over here and just hope for more things from people! love me ! after a week of not replying to communication threads, i will dead them and after a month of not replying to actual threads, i will dead them.
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Jan 4 2017, 01:07 AM
plot dump
hey! this is another request for my 2nd plot dump. it's a new year, so why not right?! so right now, i'm looking for one per person , possibly two because i want to be fair and spread these plots out fairly. i'm definitely looking for 1x1 plot. i want legit growth and development with these plots. i want a lot of feels here. so if you're going to do one of my plots (that i gladly got from tumblr), please don't start it and leave me hanging. if that's the case, i will open it up for others who would want to do it. . i'm looking for anything that are threads (500+) or rfs (250+). if you're more comfortable with rfs, then that's fine too. if it's easier for you to get through a thread than fine. i'm pretty down for smut, some of these plots do call for smut BUT not all of them, so don't based these plots with smut pls. i want more than that. please and thank you. as for preferences, it doesn't matter what they are unless it says whatever the preferences is. also: if a plot is taken, it will be striked out and have the name of who has the plot. if the plot falls through, then i will open it back up for whoever else wants to take it !

***disclaimer*** if you want me to play a male for you, you have to play a male for me. it's only fair. pls do not stick me with the male all the time. ***disclaimer***

also for my no go faces: ansel egort, shawn mendes, kylie jenner, benedict cumberbatch, taylor swift, bob morley, crystal reed, holland roden, dylan o'brien, youtube famous playbys, katherine mcnamara, ariana grande, miley cyrus, paul wesley calum hood, camilla cabello, dylan sprayberry, louis tomlinson, michael clifford, luke hemmings, niall horan, liam payne, taylor marie hill, iggy azalea, youtubers/instagram famous, anyone under 18 also, you can suggest another face cause i know i'm forgetting other faces. lol happy plotting!


1. When muse A gets a knock on their door, they are greeted by what used to be their fourth grade best friend they haven’t seen in 7 years. Muse B is standing there with two plane tickets, a map and, a huge grin. Their only words? “ what are you waiting for? Get in the car.”

2. plot where “you’re dating my twin and we’ve always gotten along super well and lowkey i might have a crush on you and one night you call me to pick you up and you’re drunk and you keep telling me how much you love me and i think you might be confused and think i’m my twin but no you said my name you definitely just said my name wait what does this mean” taken by caleigh.

3. Give me a vampire couple that’s been on and off again for like hundreds of years. Like they fight like crazy and break up and not see each other again for a long time but then come back together like nothing has changed and are all over each other in love. They won’t admit it but they’ll love each other forever no matter what, even if they’re not always together. 

4. y’all someone please give me a m/m plot where muse a is a a good lil church boy pastor’s son and very much closeted and constantly brings home girls and stuff because his dad and muse b  is very much a trouble maker and very gay and his mom and or dad and or someone told him he needed to straighten his life out and forced him to go to church and he would show up high and stuff and he planned on not going until he sees muse a who’s like super tiny and always dressed to the nines and sits with his picture perfect family and muse b is like holy shit i have to ruin him  taken by mac

5. tw; implied death & killing, mature, unhealthy obsession // muse a is a bad boy (ex. vampire, criminal, etc.) who causes trouble and chaos for the fun of it and goes about with just existing until one day he spots muse b and decides that he just wants her and claim her as his. muse b is an innocent doe-eyed girl but has a secret side to her that no one knows about. when they meet and spend time together; muse b embraces her secret, dark side and decides to change from fluffy dresses w frills to leather jackets and choke collar necklaces. together they cause mayhem and destruction but ofc life gets in the way and cops get involved and worried friends try to break them apart and so much drama and anGST wOW.

6. plot where the guy really likes the girl but she doesn’t do feelings so she plays it off as a fwb but when they’re intimate he’s always complimenting her, telling her how beautiful she is and telling her how he feels about her but she always shushes him or kisses him to shut him up but deep inside she’s falling for him but she’s scared to feel for someone because of the past and he’s just so head over heels for her and doesn’t understand but he loves her so much and he is so tender and loving with her. 

7. we’ve lived in this tiny ass town where everyone knows everyone because no one leaves and when we were young we would sit up at night on your roof and i’d listen to you talk about how you were actually going to do it one day and you did but you never knew i’ve had a crush on you ever since back then so when you send me postcards from all these different cities with bright lights it makes my heart hurt and here we are several years later and i’m finally starting to move on but oh wait you’re back and my heart’s beating like crazy well fuck au taken by isa

8. give me a m/m plot where they’re both teammates on some sports team and they’re both so ‘haHA NO HOMO BRO!!!’ and 'juST BROS BEING BROS!!!’ every time they blow each other in the locker room after practice when everyone’s gone bc they swear they’re not into the other every time and rooming with each other on away tournaments and secretly playing footsy underneath the table where one of their legs goes a little too high up on the thigh and going to celebratory parties and working to make the other jealous af and try to get under their skin and just!!! taken by molly

9. someone come do a celebrity/groupie plot with me where this hella hot girl is known for apparently sleeping with a member of a band and fans constantly see her at hotels and airports whilst they’re waiting to meet the band but what they don’t know is that she isn’t thirsty for his dick but he’s actually thirsty for her and demands she flys out everywhere bc he can’t get enough of her but she refuses to put a label on what they are or talk about him and it can be hella angsty and smutty just pLS GIVE ME THIS

10. i just want a young single mother plot wherein she met this nice guy who people would perceive as a bad boy, and they like each other so much but people were like, he would not be a good influence to your kid but her kid likes him very much and he would read to the kid and be like a dad to him and i just pls

11. a plot where muse a is 18/19 and his parents are divorced and he’s been living with his mom in a whole different state because he really hates his dad and wanted to be as far away from him as possible. his father is a rich business man who never had time for him when he was younger which eventually broke his family apart. a couple of years later, his father invites him to stay with him for the summer to make up for lost time. he doesn’t want to go but eventually gives in because his mother begs him to go. muse a is dragged to one of his father’s business parties against his will one night. at the event, he sees muse b admiring a painting in a room. muse a approaches muse b who is in her mid 20s and instantly starts flirting with her, insisting that she was more beautiful than the artwork itself. they have a flirtatious conversation, sharing laughs and compliments before his dad comes up, placing a hand on muse b’s back and saying, “son, i see you met my fiancee.” and muse a is just baffled because how could someone as beautiful and sweet as her be with such an asshole??? imagine all the angst and sneaking around!! taken by caleigh.

12. the son of a filthy rich ceo falling in love with his dad’s assistant, just as she realizes she might have feelings too - plot twist: she’s already having an affair with his dad. taken by asia

13. I want a f/f plot where they both play princesses at Disney World, and spend their days pretending to swoon over their respective princes, but in the changing room they flirt and it escalates and escalates till finally they kiss and then become a couple and all the other face characters know because ‘c’mon you two aren’t exactly SUBTLE with the heart eyes’ and stolen kisses in the break room and nights spent watching films and singing along and giggling and tangled in the sheets soaked with sweat and smelling like sweat and teasingly roleplaying their characters in bed and just teasing each other full stop and pls?

14. “i have two rules: never become a boxer and never date one.” // muse a is the daughter of a retired champion boxer, who at times is overprotective and always looks out for his little girl since it’s only been them ever since her mother died when she was young. after he retired though, muse a’s father begins to train pro boxers as well, and that’s where muse b comes along. he’s quickly making his status in the arena, and he also quickly caught the eye of muse a. the only problem? her father is his trainer, who’s against the idea of her dating boxers just as much as he’s against her ever being one. taken by becca.

15. hey you’re my best friend and you and your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up and you’re asking me to fake a relationship with you to make him/her/them jealous and maybe this isn’t a good idea at all but i can’t stop thinking about how this could change everything and you could start seeing me as i see you because i’m so hopelessly in love with you and it’s actually disgusting. oh did i mention that i have been since we first met? no? okay well……you really were just using me to make your ex jealous, weren’t you? do you have any feelings for me at all? this was the worst idea ever……

16. i just want a 1x1 with a cute little family, mid-twenties, with their little son/daughter and having rough times from being high school sweethearts who got pregnant senior year and it’d just be a rollercoaster because they wouldn’t be financially stable but they’d try so hard for their child and i just want something domestic where we write about them going to feed ducks but their characters are so in depth and wonderful and so many headcanons and FUTURE babies and wow give me this

17. plot where ‘i had a bad break up with my ex of 4 years who cheated on me, and treated me like dirt and wow i just found out i’m pregnant and he’s the father so here comes the emotional breakdown and late night pounding on his front door. But oops you’re not him, you’re his brother and you’re being really kind to me and calming me down, and those kisses on the top of my head are so new to me.’ also referred to as the plot where Muse A is pregnant, her manipulative ex boyfriend is the father, however Muse B aka his brother had always had a thing for Muse A. The night Muse A comes banging on his brothers door while Muse B is staying there for a while, he consoles her and decides to help her through the break up and pregnancy. However feelings get involved, drama, fights, and his older/younger brother isn’t so happy about it. Yes pls

18. ok so i really want a plot inspired by heartbeat by childish gambino,,, i know this has probably been posted about like 800 times but i just want a plot where these two people have been best friends for so long and one of them has watched the other go through countless relationship after relationship and listened to them cry and talked them through it and been there for them through everything,, except one night the other breaks up with one of their partners and in the heat of the moment the two best friends end up sleeping together.. at first they just pretend it never happened, but after the other finds them self in another unfulfilling relationship they just continue sleeping with the other & calling them up whenever they need them despite their relationship status, slowly but surely realizing their feelings and falling in love with them as well. just imagine all the late night texts & phone calls in the middle of the night and secret meetings and lies and arguments and there could be so much angst and holy shit pls someone just do this w me thnk u taken by becca.

19. cute plot with muse a is a single teen father and the mother of his child has never been there. (because of whatever reason we can figure it out later.) and muse b is just a teenage girl with a little sibling.  so one day, muse b goes to pick up her younger sister from day care and finds out that her little sibling is being severely bullied. so muse b waits there so she can go off on both the kid who’s picking on her younger sibling and the kid’s parent. she’s completely caught off guard when an extremely cute boy shows up- muse a. before muse b can even start yelling at him, muse a starts to flirt with her, and the two immediately hit it off. the only problem? muse b lies to muse a and tells her that his child is actually his sibling, simply because he’s afraid of how she’ll react to him being a teen father. (bonus points if muse b comes from a conservative family that looks down on teen parents) taken by asia

20. ‘you’re underage and you shouldn’t be coming to this bar and im a cop and i guess i’ll escort you home. oh look long car ride, you’re cute and you’re also seducing me *bam* s e x. it’s only a one time thing, i made a mistake.’ but young chica goes back to the same bar for seconds and it becomes a routine. but then cop gets worried because he’s doing illegal things but cute young girl really cares about him so she sneaks around with him during his breaks. and they start to catch feelings and then huge bomb gets dropped, he asks his high school sweetheart to marry him. girl is v upset and ignores him although she’s secretly prego…basically a really scandalous smutty age difference plot.  taken by emmy

21. Everybody has their own dirty little secrets, and as everybody knows, the naughtiest secrets can be found in the suburbs. Muse A is well-known and popular in the neighborhood; a successful and highly attractive man, the one highly desired by each and every single woman in the street. His friends in the neighborhood constantly try to set him up with various beautiful, intelligent women, but none of the dates seem to lead anywhere. Of course nobody knows that Muse A is already seeing someone in secret - Muse B, the son of Muse A’s best friend. Their affair is risky, of course - not only is Muse B barely of age, but his family is known as the most conservative one in the area. They go to church every Sunday and host a rather sophisticated neighborhood gathering every month - of course Muse B’s parents have no idea their son likes to get fucked in his Sunday suit or how he sucks Muse A off while his parents and their friends drink red wine. But how much longer can the two keep their affair a secret? What will happen if they get busted? And will Muse A be there for his young lover, or will Muse B be on his own when things fall apart? kinks: Age Difference, Secret Sex / Affair, Daddy Kink, etc.

22. okay so i really want a plot where a husband and wife are going through a rough patch and he’s always coming home late drunk and she’s always pissed that she’s home alone with their daughter… so basically, they’re close to a divorce when she finds out that she’s pregnant. this fixes their problems for a little bit, BUT she finds out that her pregnancy is very very risky… he tries to convince her to terminate so she can be safe, but she’s so scared of losing him to someone else that she wants to follow through with it… just so much angst and crying and ugh i need this

23. right person at the wrong time plot. muse a and muse b met five years ago, they were both at their early twenties, in the city for just a couple of days, muse a has this important meeting for a life changing career and muse b was there to visit his girlfriend, they met at the airport, shared a cab, got lost, spent some time, and they eventually liked each other, it was magical, they can just talk about things that they can’t share with other people, they did like each other but time has come where muse b needs to leave, to see his girlfriend, and muse a needs to attend to the meeting she has so they went on their separate ways. fast forward to the present, muse a is now one of the leading editor for a magazine and the magazine’s latest cover, the newly divorced ceo of a multinational business which was muse b. taken by isa

24. I’d love to do a cliché plot where muse A and muse B are both vacationing in Vegas and meet on a night out with their friends. They wake up the next day with wedding rings on their fingers and nothing to say to each other except “hey I think we made a big mistake???” but then one of them logs in to their social media and sees that photos from their trashy wedding have already been uploaded and their family has seen!!! So they decide to play along with the marriage thing for a few months to avoid embarrassing and disappointing their families any further. also: They can fall for each other in the end, become the best of friends, or even hate each other by the end. Bonus points if one of them was in a relationship when they got married…angst!!!

25. A plot where muse a is a servant for a royal family and muse b is the prince, but will be king soon because his father is dying. Muse a has been with the family since she was a kid because her mother was a servant and her mother died, so the queen was kind enough to take her in and let her stay for nothing if she continued to be a servant to the family. Muse b has never really thought much of anything about muse a because she’s just one of the many servants that work for his family, but one day when muse b’s mother lines up a bunch of woman who he will have to pick from to be his wife he gets drunk and stumbles into muse a and she takes him to his room and helps him to bed. It’s awkward the next morning for muse a because she’s always liked muse b but has to pretend like nothing happened the night before and serve him dinner while a female is all over him, but muse b isn’t interested and keeps looking at muse a and one night he wants dinner in his room and he wants muse a to bring it to him and they just have a cute moment and ah. Just give this to me.

26. Just give me a toxic f/f plot where they are constantly arguing and getting back together, but they have to keep their relationship a secret since muse a’s parents doesn’t know that she’s gay and she’s trying to keep it a secret and muse b doesn’t want to have to keep it a secret, so it’s just a struggle. And they live together, but the parents are just under the impression that they are best friends/roommates and whenever their parents come over muse b is like touching and teasing muse a under the table and just let me have this!!

27. okay but a f/f plot where muse a is expected to marry a guy she can’t stand in order to please her parents who are well known politicians, but muse a has been in love with muse b, her best friend since forever. muse a’s parents have no idea their daughter is bi and muse a can’t come out because it will “ruin” her parent’s careers and muse b has to sit by and watch the love of her life get engaged to a super douche. and muse a still tells muse b how much she loves her and it’s heartbreaking and angst. taken by isa

28. okay but a plot where muse a is in a really frickin’ famous band and has people tossing their underwear at them and worshipping them and they’re going on a world tour with their band but they’re kind of a really sad person who just can’t get themselves to be happy and spends a lot of time living the rockstar life and then the tour starts and they meet muse b, who’s a member of their opening act. and the two bond when muse b starts feeling really lost and alone on tour and muse a is there to comfort them and make them feel better. and instead of going out to parties, the two spend nights in watching movies and cuddling. and muse b just really makes muse a happy, which is really unusual. fans of both bands notice the two spending a lot of time together, and their management even realizes that feelings between the two are beginning to develop. so then management puts muse a in a publicity stunt relationship with a more popular known member of muse b’s band (probably like a lead singer or something?) but they still continue to spend plenty of time with muse b and they start making out in dressing rooms before shows and sneaking around and BANGING IN RANDOM, SECRET AREAS.

29. Muse A and Muse B were once in a volatile relationship. Everything bad a couple can go through, they went through. Infidelity, verbal/physical abuse, constant fights, breakups and even a miscarriage. At the urging of concerned family and friends, the two decided to put the nightmare to rest. They went to hell and back, with both of them bearing the scars to prove it. That was then and this is now. Muse A is currently in a loving relationship and Muse B is enjoying the single life with no commitments. Muse A thought they would never think about Muse B again until their significant other proposed to them. And as much as Muse A wanted to say yes, the nightmare they went through with Muse B flashed through their mind and it was in that moment that Muse A realized they never got closure. When Muse A shows up at Muse B’s home in the middle of the night demanding closure, the nightmare begins all over again.

30. AFTER - PORN AU!! — muse A and muse B are both Popular by Demand porn stars. You may have seen some of their work in your local Adult Book Store or RedTube, PornHub, some kind of whack-off website you have access to. You may have even seen them collaborate once or twice, even many times, but who keeps count anyway? as much as muse A and muse B love to work together, they also rather enjoy each other’s company off-set, which doesn’t necessarily mean a good, heart-felt bang, but hey, who knows, right? anyway, they’ve become pretty good friends and request to work together because they know they can pull off the story lines for their upcoming films when they’re together because at least their real life chemistry can give some kind of a realistic spark in today’s modern porn because for some reason, good ol’ Pizza Boy and Dirty Mistress went out of style but what starts happening, though, when muse A and muse B start forming actual feelings for each other? and an on-screen hardcore fucking has nothing to do with it? what would happen if everyone’s favorite porn stars shacked up? well, besides the expectation of a righteous sex tape.

31. Muse A has returned to his hometown after years of being gone. The first thing he does is go to his favorite bar. That’s where he meets Muse B. Her beauty was the first thing that caught his attention and as he spends the night getting to know her, he slowly starts to believe in love at first sight. One thing leads to another and they end up spending the night together. The next morning, Muse A wakes up to an empty bed, a bruised ego, and a note with a simple apology. Shaking her off his mind, Muse A meets up with his childhood friend and is surprised to hear he’s engaged. Just as his friend is describing his fiancée, Muse B walks in and introduces herself as the fiancée, surprising Muse A. Wanting answers from her, Muse A makes a bold move and hires Muse B to decorate his new home on the spot, giving her no other choice but to accept. Using the opportunity to get closer to her, Muse A and Muse B begin what could be a potentially deadly love affair.

32. Muse a and muse b have been friends for about a year. From the moment they met they were inseparable and today they practically live together. One night muse a talks about her desire to have children (it’s not the first time it’s come up) and how she’s worried she’ll never find the right guy. Muse b throws out the idea of him being her baby-daddy as a joke, but then the two start to seriously consider it. Muse b swears he’s just doing to for because he thinks she would be a great mother with muse a insisting he is just a friend. Things are never that simple though.

33. i want a ship where muse a is the best friend of muse b’s husband and the three of them are all really close with one another and then muse b’s husband dies and muse a is left to pick up the pieces while trying not to break bc he is just lost his best friend. then as they spend more time together muse a and muse b begin to fall for one another and it feels so wrong but so right at the same ??  bonus: if there is a kid in the mix as well taken by mimi

34.“you take me higher, higher than I’ve ever been, babe. Just come over, let’s pour a drink, babe.” // muse a is a hopeless romantic, love and the idea of it is the one thing that keeps them striving for a purpose in life. after meeting muse b one night while out with a few friends and hitting it off pretty quickly, they were completely inseparable. until muse a struck a nerve with muse b in a fight, blurting something completely unforgivable in the moment. muse a and b haven’t seen each other for a few days/weeks. muse b wouldn’t dare return a call from muse a, leaving muse a completely distraught. after a few drinks of muse a’s favorite whiskey and a blunt or two later, muse a found herself/himself leaving muse b a drunken voicemail at 5:00 am after they battled with themselves over even calling at all. the liquid courage had muse a feeling brave, completely spill his/her heart while on the line, raving about how in love muse b makes them feel. only muse a wasn’t exactly… leaving a voicemail. muse b was on the line and listening to every word muse a had to spill in their drunken state. accepting muse a’s apology after a thought or two, muse b decided that they’d rather not be without the love of their life and made the trip.

35. I fall apart, so you can put me together and throw me against the wall” // trigger warning; abuse. muse a and muse b have been in a toxic relationship for a while now. it wasn’t always toxic, but over time things started to change about muse a. noticeably changing, every little thing was beginning to bring muse a to anger. at first, it was just loud outburst and screaming between the two parties, but after a night of arguing, a heated argument took a turn that could never be taken back. muse b had never seen this side of muse a, but they were sure that this demeanor wasn’t one that would stay. with love on muse b’s mind, they’d stay in the relationship because without muse a, they’d be nobody. muse a was addicting to muse b even still, the love that muse a has for muse b is incomparable to anybody on the planet, they’d run for miles just to get to muse a and they’d run miles just to get away from muse a, they’re always being pulled back into this love no matter how much they realize that this relationship isn’t for them, muse b just wants to be loved by muse a.

36. this teacher is known around campus as the ‘heart breaker’. in college it’s frowned upon to get involved with your students, but not illegal. a new student comes, completely fresh from high school, and doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet by this older woman. this student isn’t just like any other girl the professor has preyed upon. she’s innocent, yes, but she had grown up in a slightly broken household where she had to learn how to fend for herself. her heart isn’t easily manipulated and that makes the professor that much more determined to really get this student falling for her. the reason why this professor is so adamant on making the younger students fall for her is because she never had enough power. her parents were rich and boys and girls always took advantage of that. she was never sure if anyone genuinely liked her for her personality. so once she moved out and began to live on her own and work at a college as an arts professor, she decided to take advantage of all the newcomers and vulnerable ones. as for the student, mentioned before she had a broken family. her parents were always fighting and she could never get a say in things that happened to her. she had many other siblings and there was hardly any money in the family. she worked hard in high school, managing to get an arts scholarship (much to her parents protest) and worked three part-time jobs to make sure she could buy her own things and not have to depend on anyone. as for conflict: the professor or the student could be seeing other people whilst hooking up with each other. one gets jealous, the other one doesn’t want to be that committed. 

37. Zombie apocalypse plot where days before the outbreak happens muse a and muse b get into a huge argument and break up, they don’t talk for days and then the outbreak happens. All over the news the word about the zombie apocalypse is everywhere. Muse A and their family get split up in the middle of trying to find a safe place, being pulled in different directions hastily by cops, and the military. Muse B’s family/or person they were with dies while trying to get to safety, being killed by a walker to save Muse B’s life. They find each other by Muse B meeting Muse A in their old spot away from the city, their escape spot. Together they have to find safety, kill, and try to survive all while dealing with past issues– knowing all they have is each other for now. And it can be m/m, m/f, f/f

38. a plot inspired by j.cole’s deva ju tho?? a kind of young love kind of plot where muse a and muse b have known each other for a while since they had the same circle of friends at school and muse a  has always kinda liked muse b but when one day a friend of muse a introduces muse b to them as their girlfriend and he’s like, oh.. i gotta back off. fast forward to college parties where they continue to throw each other eyes from across the room but out of respect for muse a’s homie who is muse b boyfriend, they never act on what they kinda know is true - that they are feelin each other. but maybe one day.. one night muse a grows a pair and makes a move anyway?? i have so many feels for this song man.. taken by mimi.

39. muse a is a celebrity known for being a serial dater, and muse b is merely their latest squeeze. although muse b is at first thrilled to be dating someone so rich and famous, they soon find that muse a is a little more… intense than they first expected. will they work things out, or will muse b just become another ex-lover who says muse a is insane?

40. so a plot where muse a and muse b were best friend growing up and high school sweethearts but when it came to college the wound up thousands of miles apart. for the first year, they made it work but then muse a just stopped answering muse b calls, texts, emails everything. muse b was heartbroken and didn’t know what he done wrong but eventually picked himself up, graduated and is now engaged but on the night of muse b bachelor party they are taken to a strip club and he sees muse a up there performing.

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