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 love me right, v1.0
alias: ivy
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
5.26.17 [pcy voice] chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo (=^-ω-^=)
timezone: est
mature: yes
contact: pm for discord/telegram
member group: moana
status: Online
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Feb 3 2017, 03:38 PM
just love me right

i just wanna make you love me
about me

hey what's up! i'm ivy, i'm 25, and i live in the est timezone. i used to be a member on cosl a while ago on if, then i quit writing for about two years, and then decided to look the place back up! and i'm glad it's still here <3

so this is my first crack ship on here after getting the ball rolling again. i'm going to try to (hopefully) keep this maintained so it doesn't get too out of hand and pretty updated! so check it out and we can plot! i'm looking for dedicated long term plots that will develop, take effort, etc so please keep that in mind too c:

i prefer to mostly have kpop plots rn! and i'll play mxf and mxm.

the faces in () are the ones that i prefer playing, though i will play against anyone from said group!


kpop: 4minute (hyuna, jihyun), blackpink, fx (luna), mamamoo (hwasa, solar), miss a (jia, min)

billie piper, blake lively, dianna agron, emmy rossum, halsey, katie cassidy, lights poxleitner-bokan, margot robbie, scout taylor-compton, taylor marie hill

i have a hard time playing girls and keeping plots with them, so the plot/ship has to be really good in order for me to want to play a girl!


kpop: alphabat, astro (jinjin, mj), bap, block b (ukwon, zico), btob (minhyuk), bts (jin, taehyung, jungkook), cross gene (shin, sangmin, yongseok), day6, exo (ot12), got7, infinite (sunggyu, woohyun, myungsoo, sungyeol), jay park, monsta x, nct (taeyong, johnny, jaehyun), pentagon (e'dawn, yanan, yeo one, hongseok, hui), seventeen (jun, minghao), shinee (taemin, minho, onew), sf9 (taeyang, zuho), toppdogg (ot13), victon (heochan, sejun, seungsik)

5sos, band dudes all the band dude i'm too lazy to list them out, chris pratt, david tennant, hunter hayes, ian somerhalder, jensen ackles, jesse rutherford, justin chatwin, mcfly, sebastian stan


chanbaek!!!! taoris!! xiuchen!! any exo pairing, markxjackson, jbxjinyoung, bambamxlisa, jacksonxamber, hyungwonxminhyuk, kihyunxshownu, sehunxrose, hyunaxjaypark; i don't know, so many more throw them at me please.


i won't write or play out incest; i won't play or write against a face/character that is under 18. everything else is fair game and the more triggery the better tbh

to be updated

© kristen
alias: isa
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
0805 – everything_is_on_fire.jpg
timezone: gmt +8
mature: yes
contact: telegram + discord
member group: buzz lightyear
status: Offline
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Feb 6 2017, 09:17 PM
oh no there is SO MUCH I WANT???? and your got7 ships are beautiful im crying ok give me

+ jbxjinyoung
+ lisaxbambam
+ chanbaek
+ markxjackson

i'm not terribly picky about which plot goes where so i'll leave it upto you??? but here are some plot ideas and stuff??

+ like okay i kind of got the idea from kimi no nawa (your name) but like what about a soulmate plot where when one goes to sleep their dreams are vivid memories of like the significant events in the other person's day and they see those memories from the eyes of the other person too but like all they know of this other person is those snippets of memory and stuff???

+ omf ok or what about a college frat plot like new pledge and the cocky older guy sorta already sighting him at the first frat party and like???? and so older guy kind of makes his move while the other is in the basement getting ice or whatever and they end up makin out or whatever. and just older guy warning the new pledge about hazing and how it's gonna be okay but they both have to pretend like nothing's going on and shh it's just for college this won't matter after but they both know there are feelings there psh.

+ pining best friends maybe??? like they've pretty much grown up together and have always told each other everything and there's always been a sort of naggign tension between them that neither of them have really acted upon? i mean they're mad close – inside okes and the whole 9 yards that sorta thing and maybe they're roommates or they have like keys to each other's apartments. point is personal space is like not an issue for them and playing video games togetther and one constant conversatin they have is like "lmao we should do it together" and like it never happens really because even if they just think about it's so weird but it's always been a possibility that they're both too shitty to act one and one day one f them comes home and finds the other hooking up with someone else and they're kinda...bothered by it all they don't know why i have feelings for my best friend fuuuuuccckk.

+ pls grumpy cat + lil ball of sunshine plots are the best thing ever ideven what dto do with this but pls???

like these are just ideas tbh and if you have anything that you're dying to do i am so down as well???? because tbh cravin some pop things right now nd your ship list is fucking perfect i mean. but anyway pls if you have telegram we can plot these things more but here or via pm is great as well pls and ty <3

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