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 tender love, all the exo plots

ivy leaf

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Feb 3 2017, 04:12 PM         Quote        
exo x exo
so i'm pretty much looking for some solid exo ship plots! i'm down for any ship really though my main ones are:

chanbaek (prefer to play baekhyun)
taoris (prefer to play tao)
possible sekai
i can easily be swayed into xiuhan too

you can check out my crackship for plots but i don't have anything specific set up in there just yet. i'm literally open for any and everything too- fluffy domestic to triggers to smut, etc. i actually want long-term plots that will stick around and not be dropped after a while, and want to develop them and put effort into them, so please keep that in mind too!

also i'm looking for a couple different things for a byunbaek character that comes with a background.

1. estranged older brother (face i had in mind is nam joo hyuk, but really anyone from scarlet hearts ryeo would be fine to me)
2. opposites attract!future lover (preferred park chanyeol)

if you're interested we can definitely talk about it! <3

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please keep the cbox pg 13!