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 — ♡ ❝ ( paper airplanes ), t's crackship
buy reputation by taylor swift + THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE! THINGS! DAR-LING!
paper airplanes.
hi! i'm taylor (formerly known as micah, formerly known as kittie, formerly known as eliot, formerly known as vela and also currently known as sullivan) and i'm taylor swift trash, a gemini, istp, and i'm twenty years old & live in the eastern timezone. i work 5-7 days a week most weeks but i'm always on at night for at least 5 hours (i stay up late) so i'm usually online!

let me say from the get go that kpop faces are more than welcome here. however, i'm not a fan of the trend of constantly americanizing them and washing out their culture, so please if you do write one against me pay mind to that! as long as you play them respectfully, we'll be absolutely peachy.

note i'm slowly adding kpop & kpop related faces to my crackship. the ones i'm putting in here are mainly just the ones i can see myself using, and i don't really know most of them as artists. but of course it's also not an exhaustive list of who i'm willing to write against so if you have a bias that isn't here feel free to use them anyway!

i prefer to play nonbinary characters but i use a fair mix of m & f faces and my characters' genders aren't going to make the ship much different so really i'm up for anything mxm / mxf / fxf etc wise, my characters just won't be cisgender or whatever!

i kind of usually like to start out with comms but if a pairing or whatever is working out well i'll do any length threads as long as there's chemistry (between characters and writers) and i feel comfortable.

fxf will be accepted sparingly because last time i got kind of overwhelmed and i don't actually feel as comfortable writing sexual etc ships that are fxf for a reason specified in my no go section.

if i play a dominant and/or male presenting character for you, i prefer that you return the favor in kind. only because it's a little less of my comfort zone. so if you only play females i probably won't have more than one plot with you, but i am willing to have one & you don't have to return the favor if it's only one. i'm nice like that.

note that i also might bend this rule if we get on really well and i enjoy your writing and feel comfortable with you! same with my no go faces. if we're tight i'll probably let you use them.

i'd like all my partners to be 18+ because i prefer less... vanilla plots & i'm kinda a hoe for smut. always. just make sure you check my no go list at the bottom of this post before you suggest anything please!

faces lists are a constant wip so feel free to suggest others as long as they're not on my no go list http://i.imgbox.com/8btdIDwZ.png

bold are my favorites, italics are second favorites and underlined are ones i prefer to play (but don't mind playing against, unless it's in the part w my wanted ships!)
( femme ) alba galocha, ali larter, alejandra alonso, alexandra tikerpuu, aluna francis, alycia debnam carey, amelia zadro, andreja pejic, anna speckhart, antje traue, antonina vasylchenko, barbara palvin, behati prinsloo, bryden jenkins, caitlin stasey, camille rowe, cariba heine, carolinne prates, chaerin lee (cl), chanel iman, cher lloyd, daniela braga, danika yarosh, deepika padukone, devery jacobs, dytto, emily browning, emily rose, eve harlow, florence arnold, francesca eastwood, gal gadot, gigi hadid, ginta lapina, haley reinhart, hanna verhees, hayden panettiere, hee-yeon ahn, hwa-young ryu, hyo-rin min, hyuna moon, imaam hammam, indiana evans, jennie kim, ji eun lee, jessica sikosek, joan smalls, joanna halpin, jorja fox, josephine skriver, jourdan dunn, karlie kloss, kassi smith, kelly gale, kiersey clemmons, lauren layne, leigh anne pinnock, lucy fry, malaika firth, maritza veer, marloes horst, martha hunt, mathilda bernmark, michelle rodriguez, milla jovovich, milou sluis, nadine leopold, phoebe tonkin, rita ora, sasha luss, seul ji kim, soo joo park, solbin ahn, so young kang, stella maxwell, tao okamoto, taylor swift!!!!!, victoria lee, yulia rose, zella day

( homme ) adonis bosso, boyd holbrook, charlie hunnam, dan stevens, dave franco, david beckham, david gandy, dj cotrona, dominic sherwood, dylan bruce, ed sheeran, frank grillo, garrett hedlund, george eads, harry styles!!, idris elba, jake gyllenhaal, james franco, james marsden, jamie dornan, john mayer, jon kortajarena, justin timberlake, kendrick lamar, liam payne, louis tomlinson, matthew bell, michiel huisman, milo ventimiglia!!!, nikolaj coster-waldeau, norman reedus, reece king, reeve carney, ryan guzman, scott eastwood, sean o'pry, toby hemingway, tom hiddleston, zac efron, zachary levi, zayn malik

ruby rose
( ships ) harry styles x taylor swift, taylor swift x karlie kloss, harry styles x louis tomlinson, karlie kloss x jourdan dunn, karlie kloss x harry styles, milo ventimiglia x taylor swift, ali larter x karlie kloss, ali larter x taylor swift, reece king x karlie kloss, taylor swift x david beckham, reece king x zayn malik, taylor swift x louis tomlinson, milla jovovich x ali larter, taylor swift x zayn malik, nadine leopold x stella maxwell, taylor swift x justin timberlake, sean o'pry x taylor swift, zayn malik x karlie kloss, milo ventimiglia x zayn malik, louis tomlinson x karlie kloss, milo ventimiglia x ali larter, scott eastwood x taylor swift, david beckham x karlie kloss, ali larter x david beckham.
( plots ) i don't like fluff. so nothing too fluffy unless it just happens naturally. i'm open to pretty much anything but real life verses tend to be my favorite. zombie apocalypse & supernatural creatures come closely behind, but i'm really picky about lore for creatures. smut is always a go, and bdsm / s&m / s&d based plots are (good shit meme) as long as they're done accurately. darker plots are more than good with me, but i would prefer for any rape/non con to be done as a kink between two people who have actually discussed it and are equally into it. i.e. rape play / consensual non con rather than actual rape. the same goes with incest plots. i would prefer they be a healthy consensual relationship between adults, but aside from that i'm 100% open to them. contract submissive & mafia plots are some of my favorites as well as long as adequate research is done!
( no go's ) please read this! i'm aware this list is really long but i just wanted to cover my bases! i'm flexible on most of them so if they're your absolute favorites i'll be willing to write against them (maybe) because i'm always willing to let people try and turn a face around for me and make it not such a terrible experience. there are a couple i might turn down but other than that these are mostly just... ones i don't really like, and if you rly rly wanna use them i'll let u.

( avoid ) anyone from 5sos, joe jonas, most reality stars, the tvd cast, chris brown, calvin harris, kanye west, selena gomez (mostly, but i'm flexible on this one), justin bieber, emma stone, ariana grande, kendall jenner (& the other jenners / kardashians), the chrises (pratt, wood, pine, hemsworth etc), amber heard, chloe moretz, danielle campbell, pll faces besides shay, cierra ramirez, shelley hennig, camila cabello, halsey, sebstan, scarlett johanssen, hailey baldwin, jared padalecki, misha collins, jennifer lawrence, nico tortilla, gabriella wilde, youtubers, chloe bennet, disney faces & nickelodeon faces, taissa farmiga, evan peters, emma roberts, emma watson, natalie dormer, demi lovato, lana del rey, melanie martinez, troye sivan, zoe sugg, bob morley, most mcu faces, liana liberato, taylor momsen (flexible), bendydick cumbersnatch, or dove cameron.

i'm not against kpop faces at all. i actually like quite a few of them. but i've had some bad experiences with people who use them so they're kind of an iffy/gray area for me? please just ask me, i'll probably say yes, provided you're someone who writes them with respect to the ethnicity they are and the culture they come from.

i will not write pregnancy, it's a trigger for me. i prefer not to write anything involving cunnilingus... (oral sex on a female). i know that's hella specific but pls keep it away from me. nothing highly romantic, set endgame or too fluffy either because i'm lowkey freaked out by that shit. domesticity and all that is uncomfortable for me. sorry if that's a problem! everyone has their things.

i would prefer for rape / noncon plots to be in the context of already agreed on scenes in an established bdsm relationship. if this is confusing to you, i'll explain further! essentially, i would rather not write actual rape, but as a kink between two equally interested parties it's fine.
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