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 I got broads in atlanta, panda's plots
alias: panda
age: 26
pronouns: she/her
April, 2017: Promoted at the job woot woot. I work 6 days a week but will always do my best to be here.
timezone: PST
mature: yes
contact: discord/telegram
member group: dory
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Mar 2 2017, 03:17 AM

she/her • 26 • pst

Hello friends! Okay so this is a new concept to me so bare with me for being not the best at it. (I do love it however.) This is my basic crackship list yay!

I can post coms, rf, short, long, novel long, basically any length of posts. I just pretty much write until it feels done and I don't mind it fluctuating in the thread itself. I do however like having something to go off of at the very least

I play females about 80% if the time but if you would like to flip flop I will play a male for you if you play one for me or if I get REALLY into the plot because sometimes I can't help myself. I also do m/m, or f/f and lgtb is welcome as well as nb or any others.

This list will totally be a work in progress and I will update it constantly. Faces are the ones I like to play most or play against most but please do suggest anyone. I hardly ever say no!

Thanks for reading this junko!


Ashley Moore, Scarlett Leithold, Holland Roden, Hannah Snowdon, Daisy Ridley, Blake Lively, Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Maisie Williams, Sydney Sierota, Kirsten Malanado, Alexis Ren, Chanel Iman, Cervena Fox, Gigi Hadid, Sara Fabel, Hattie Watson, Alysha Nett, Ariana Grande


Hale Appleman, Misha Collins, Luke Bryan, Colton Haynes, Dylan O'Brien, Ryan Reynolds, Adam Driver, Avan Jogia, John Boyega, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Ricki Hall, Chris Pratt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Brandon Urie, Zayn Malik


All the plots I want with no particular faces/face combos. Just gimmie the things.
Anything Hogwarts or Harry Potter based.
ZOMBIE THINGS. ZOMBIES ZOMBIES! End of the world and all the wonderful walkers, runners, headshotting loveliness. WWZ world or Zombieland even. I just adore zoms ok?
Video game plots. Dragon Age world settings please and thank you. I will love you for a million zillion years.
Mass Effect and Gears of War too.

teacher student plots
pregnancy plots
celebrity plots
hhhhmmmmm I love trashy things ok? ok.


zayn malik X gigi hadid
matty healy X sydney sierota
charlie hunnam X nicola peltz
max irons X taylor marie hill
theo james X lily collins
nolan funk X zoey deutch
chris pine X felicia day
evan peters X emma roberts
lin manuel miranda X philipa soo
diego luna X felicity jones
scarlet leithold X hale appleman
lana del rey X asap rocky
lady gaga X matty healy
lily collins X sam clafin
ashley moore X bob morley
anna kendrick X ryan gosling
maisie williams X kit harington
holland roden X tyler hoechlin
margot robbie X jared leto
emeraude toubia X matthew daddario

alias: jay
age: 25
pronouns: masculine
timezone: est
mature: ask first
contact: aim:
member group: mike wazowski
status: Online
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Mar 2 2017, 03:12 PM


Welcome to Cosl! You mostly play females and I only play males, so we don't have to flip flop and both get what he want. Also, I got your PM reply and you're definitely free to reject any of this plots or faces, or dropout mid plot if you discover that it's not for you or lose interest!

Faces I'd like to play against on your list:
Ashley Moore
Margot Robbie

Faces I'd like to play against not on your list:
Courtney Tailor
Diana Melison
Yovanna Ventura
Lauren Wood
Milloux Suicide
Monica Alvarez.

I don't care what faces I use, so whatever face you want me to play is the face you'll get.

Plot ideas:
-(incest/noncon or dubcon) I was thinking small town family where my guy is kinda like the golden child who can do no wrong, while his sister is kinda seen as the fuck up but what they don't know is that when they're alone, he's always really gropy and handsy with her and forced (or blackmails) her into sex. (ages 18-19)
-(incest/noncon or dubcon) This is pretty much a slightly edited version of the first one. Growing up as teens he was always really gropy and handsy with her and forced (or blackmailed her into sex). Now, they're adults and both back in town for their somewhat ill father's birthday and he has requested that they stay all stay in the same house, which gives my guy the chance to start doing things with sister again.
-(incest) Okay, at this point you've probably come to the conclusion I have a thing for incest plots lmao. sibcest, it's somewhat shameless-based, but that's irrelevant if you haven't seen it lol. They're 2 of like 6-9 siblings that have to take care of each other because they're mother abandoned them and their father is a drunk who doesn't do shit but stay at the bar. They're the closest and oldest, they've had to sacrifice their lives to take care of their younger siblings, and they share a bed and a room. Maybe one night they both have long days, they cuddle, and then things get sexual?
- Best friends with benefits who grew up with each other and have always been affectionate with each other but can also be possessive despite denying the fact that they have romantic feelings for each other.
- Co-stars who hook-up but hate each other.
- Married couple, siblings (incest), or former couple in a walking dead world.
alias: panda
age: 26
pronouns: she/her
April, 2017: Promoted at the job woot woot. I work 6 days a week but will always do my best to be here.
timezone: PST
mature: yes
contact: discord/telegram
member group: dory
status: Offline
1383 posts 54700 points
Mar 2 2017, 04:06 PM


Yay thank you for the warm welcome. Also hooray for us both getting what we want. I'm down to try anything like I said and I'm glad you won't get irky if I decide it's not for me. Now moving on to plots and faces!

I love all of these plots and ideas. I like the first version of the first idea but maybe with a very slight almost Stockholm syndrome type deal? That might not be the right word. But maybe it's been going on to the point where she thinks it's just sort of normal even though she's not fully into it. I'm bad at describing things. (Scarlett Leithold and Chris Hemsworth?)

The shameless type sounds fantastic and I'm down for them being siblings and super close and maybe like one day they kiss and it's like "woah weird" and then it's sort of like little things here and there. Touching and longing looks and angsty feelings of want. And occasional kisses but they both are like "no this is bad" but then give in. (MARGOT ROBBIE AND HALE APPLEMAN)

Besties with benefits yes please. I love the angst vs fluff and the jealousy. Lay it on me. (Lauren Wood and Will Smith?)

Walking dead world! Maybe she was his wife's younger sister or friends younger sister or daughter and they're in the same little group and it's just like "do I really like you or am I just deasprate because it's the end of the world?" (I'd adore Ashley Moore and Misha Collins for this.)

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