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 now flex drop bombs when he spin it, Panda's 100+ plots
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Mar 3 2017, 11:51 PM
I told myself I would get this done, aye. This is my quest for 100+ plots. These are plots I love and will do over and over and over AND OVER with any faces really. I will be steadily adding to them until its over 100. *Notes, I play female 85% of the time but I will play males for you if you play them for me. No need to play females for me if you're not interested in that. I am into fxm, mxm, and fxf in that order. See my crackship for favorite faces but don't hesitate to offer ideas, I have very, very few faces I don't like. I will play both male OR Female for most of these, but if the plot is in BOLD that means I will only play the female. Ready? Set? Go!

Current plot count: 37

"normal" real life plots
Country cuties. A tiny town, nowhere usa. Population, triple digits. The local princess in her cut off jeans, ponytail, baseball cap and boots and the high school football star. A match made in heaven with a diamond ring on prom night.

Fifteen minutes of fame. A newly discovered celebrity. Model, actor(ess), singer, ect. Male and female have been best friends forever and now everything is changing because of the fame coming between them... just when he was going to confess his undying love. Damn.

Criminals. She is a con artist and he is a criminal and tries to play her, but she ends up playing him. She's not as sweet and innocent as she looks. Dun dun dun...

I hate you, don't go. A dysfunctional/abusive relationship sort of "love the way you lie/spacebound" esque. They're just so perfectly imperfect for eachother. They breakup/makeup/hatesex/fight/over and over. A vicious cycle.

Well this is awkward. Super recent exes (less than a week, maybe even a couple days) after a super bitter break up that was very emotional. Perhaps a broken engagement. She shows up on his doorstep, wounds still fresh, to tell him she's pregnant.

Cats in trees. He was a firefighter/paramedic/emt/police officer who saved her life and since then she can't help but be borderline obsessed with him and can't stop thinking about him... but he can't stop thinking about her either.

I'll take the couch. Rekindled romance. This couple was inspired and a perfect match...until they wern't. They broke up and have a young child and she had a new fiance... until he dumped her and left her homeless and she is now forced to move in with their child and her ex so she doesn't have to be homeless...

Its not just me? A single father hires his best friend's daughter to be a live in nanny while she is trying to put herself through college so she doesn't have to pay rent and she still has an income... but there is more than appreciation for him behind her eyes.

Different Strokes. Costars on a long time running sitcom. (10+ years.) He has been playing her father on the show and she has basically grown up in front of his eyes. And yet... "I think I love you, and I mean it so just kiss me."

The "single" table. Invited to the same wedding and sat together at what is quite obviously the "you're single here let me set you up" table and they both pretty much know no one but the bride and groom and are both just kind of #awkward.

Talkin foolish. A whirlwind romance. A couple who has met each other only weeks ago but have fallen HARD. They rush along, consumed and get engaged and head off to Vegas to get married and run off together...

fantasy/magic/scifi plots
The secret garden. A nature writer and photographer is told of a magical secret garden way out in the middle of nowhere where no electronics work and that is the most beautiful place on earth... a place where there is magic and everything comes to life at midnight and he needs to see this for himself. What he finds when he gets there? Magical flowers and plants and faries.

Round or rough edges. Elves and humans getting married? Scandal! But thanks to a prophecy left by sages over 1,000 years ago *or so they say* the elven woman with raven hair (which is unheard of) and the human male as blonde as the sun (which is also unheard of) would one day bring the two races together. Well, naturally the two do exist...right now... and they're both of marrying age.

Magic? Magic. A mysterious letter came in the mail the day after your high school graduation. An embossed black sheet of paper embossed with white writing. Your ability is not a curse. Hone your craft. St. Preen Ignatious, Paris France. As soon as you read the words the page turns into a map with a picture of a large university on it... Magic school? Magic school.

Blizzards and heatwaves. Two kingdoms, both possessing half the country and its element. The northern kingdom covered in ice and snow, its inhabitants controling ice magic. The south, deserts and its inhabitants controling fire magic. A young couple meets in the "no man's land" in the middle, trying to overcome their extreme differences for the sake of their blossoming love.

Deep space nineteen. Space travel is no big deal now in the year 3000... of course the Earth Army is currently in a war with the army of Mars... The 5,000 men in the space station boot camp are preparing themselves for an all out war. Oh, the 5,000 and the president's daughter who has stowed away to join the fight...

zombie plots
Help! Basic and generic "run from zombies or die" type plot here. The world as we know it has ended and everyone is either running for their life, or is a flesh eating monster. RUN! Two perfect strangers meet and team up to fight the damn nasty things and not die.

Can we trust him? Its been six months since the outbreaks and "The com" or the community has been in working order for about two of those months. High walls, good supplies, a garden, fresh water and most of all way too many rules. On a routine run as a scavanger a young woman finds a man, badly hurt and dehydrated and her bleeding heart brings him home... but he's stuck in quarenteen for three days... in which only the girl will get close enough to nurse him to health.

What is love, baby. In "the com" things work like clockwork, including breeding. A year after the outbreak its been decided that bearing children is important to the survival and livelyhood of humanity. Women and men are selected via their skills and genetics to reproduce and repopulate.

What's a cerfew? Two teenagers take sneaking out to a whole new level, sneaking out of their makeshift "homes" AKA tents of a traveling/roaming group, just to go and get it on and spend time together while pretending that the world isn't ending.

An army of two. MxM plot. When an army base falls to attack from the undead and only two men remain locked within for almost six months alone, well, feelings tend to come to a head...

Oh my god, they've taken the... Cheezy B horror movie plotty goodness. Horrible cliche one liners, weapons that don't make sense, unrealistic skills and the like. #goheroesgo. It was prom night when the zombies came and the prom queen, tiara and bloody prom gown included, meets up with an unlikely ally in the new detective with the strange past...

smutty plots
Be your babygirl. (True incest/stepcest or simple dom/little relationship.) She was just his princess after all, a sugar babygirl from diamonds and pink dresses to teddy bears and lapsitting.

Half outlaw, half boozer. He's been in jail for over five years for his crimes, getting tougher and bigger and counting down the days until he can see his girl, his ride or die, again. She's been writing him daily and missing him like crazy. When he gets out he comes to "surprise" her at work and they end up locking the door and making up for lost time.

The night before it's over. Tomorrow morning both of them will be leaving for college, hours and hours away. Its in their best interest to break up and tonight is their last night... may as well fill it with passion.

Tulle and touch me. Girlfriend/fiance's younger way hotter sister who they've been hardcore flirting/obvs showing interest for each other and basically just give in.

I need this job... Boss/employee. "Oh I'm so sorry sir I filed all of those files wrong. Please don't fire me, I'll do anything..."

Pay up. He is a dealer. She is a junkie who is his best/worst customer who has forgotten her money... again... and needs another way to pay.

NOW WHAT? They had been dating a while, maybe a year or so before his mom married her dad and now? NOW her her brother... They should break up, but...

Blurry panty lines. She's a dancer at a strip club who works one day a week. He is a patron in a very unhappy relationship and comes to see her every week. He ends up giving her a ride home one night when its raining, but they don't make it too far before they pull off to the side of the road.

Victory. The hometown team has just won the homecoming game! The boys are in the locker room celebrating and then all head off for a victory party, but the quarterback would rather have his own party. He texted his cheerleader girlfriend to come and meet him for a very well earned victory shower.

What goes where? Two best friends, stoneblasted drunk, come home from the bar after a very unexpected and heated makeout session in the backseat of an Uber. Once they get to his apartment things get hot and heavy... only slowed by the fact that he typically prefers the company of men... but is determined to get the job done.

dark/triggering plots
It doesn't matter. TW: abortion. It wasn't suppose to happen... She wasn't meant to get pregnant, especially now. They were so young. They were just barely 18. The best plan of action was to terminate the pregnancy, but with her father being a doctor and thinking he could find out, she opted for the "backalley" type... illegial and dangerous... and it turned into nothing short of a nightmare when she called him for help.

Happily never after. TW: war/affair. He had been in the hospital overseas for far too long. Six months? Eight? Ten? All he knew was he had a wife at home and here he was, stuck healing... of course "stuck" wasn't what he called it when his nurse came around. Her sweet smiles and even sweeter words (and body) holding all his attention. Maybe tonight he would make a move...

do I deserve love? TW: sexual abuse/rape (past). Counciling was good, right? But there was just something about being in a room full of people who had been abused sexually... that was almost unnerving? But it was a little more comforting when you had someone to talk to one on one and a warm hand to hold.

there and back again. TW: domestic abuse, incest/stepcest (either). After getting divorced in a very bad and messy break up, sister moves back in with (step)brother because he is the only family she has left. Her heart broken and her body battered she is very soft spoken and introverted and mostly seeking his attention and not much more. In a moment of weakness and a few glasses of wine their relationship takes a much different turn.

Red ribbons. TW: suicide attempt. *can also be mxm or fxf. She was young and stupid but she was hurting. Depression and bullies and pain in her life she couldn't control. Slit wrists and a bathtub full of water she was found and put in a "special" program but no one could get through to her...until he showed up fresh from school.

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