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 hooked, v.1
alias: zaf
age: 20
pronouns: she / hers
last sem of uni so expect some kind of inactivity xo
timezone: ist
mature: yes
contact: pm for skype
member group: moana
status: Offline
17394 posts 527100 points
Aug 1 2016, 12:47 AM

i of the storm ,

k i'm zaf and this is a shitty attempt at a crackship let's go. i prefer mxm and fxf to mxf & i do not rp rape / incest / abuse / smut for the sake of smut (esp. with rpers i'm not entirely familiar with). pm me for my skype / aim ! just as a disclaimer: i'm not the most frequent with replies so if that's smth that might bother you, just...keep that in mind? max two plots per person, pls!
anyone from jyp ever, aja naomi king, alia bhatt, amber liu, aya jones, daisy ridley, deepika padukone, emeraude toubia, fei fei sun, gigi hadid, gina rodriguez, hirai momo, karla souza, kat graham, kiko mizuhara, kim taeyeon, krystal jung, lindsey morgan, lydia graham, priyanka chopra, rita volk, senait gidey, stephanie bertram rose, xiao wen ju, zendaya coleman, zoe kravitz + honestly all the kpop ladies (esp. wonder girls, twice, fx) // all the models
toxic exes, pretend dating, best friend x sibling, slow burn relationships!!!!!, best friends falling in luv, slytherin x hufflepuff dynamics, austen inspired, superhero inspired, ya lit inspired, rom com inspired (give me sleepless in seattle or give me death), enemies 2 friends 2 lovers, popular student needs nerdy tutor, meet each other on a plane, arranged marriages, musician x writer, accidentally sends u nudes, online relationships
anyone from jyp ever adonis bosso, alfie enoch, avan jogia, bob morley, dudley o'shaughnessy, harry styles, idris elba, jack falahee, jackson hale, john boyega, kentaro sakaguchi, lucky blue smith, luke pasqualino, marlon teixeira, matthew bell, matthew daddario, michael b. jordan, nico mirallegro, park jinyoung + honestly anyone from g*t7, rami malek, ranveer singh, reece king, sam claflin, sidharth malhotra, tyler posey, zayn malik + all the kpop (esp. svt, bap, bts, exo) // all the models
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