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 older faces x world, characters older than 30, pls.
alias: nya
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
VALENTINA! your smile is beautiful! || somehow managed to get busy, so i'm here and taking plots, but things will be rolled out slowly. i am old and forgetful so plz hit me up if we talked about doing things but you're seeing nothing!
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Mar 19 2017, 07:34 PM


okay i'm so sorry i feel like i might be wasting your time, but i'm nya and i would love to figure something out with you? i play characters in their 20s a lot but love older faces too and would love to do plots with them. i think my shipping preferences are... the same as yous, just in the opposite order, and i tend to play more squishy, sensitive men and... well, my women are a lot more varied.

as far as ideas... right now my head feels empty, but i really love writing couples in established partnerships that are well-suited and like... a real team. and we can also do things like... two people finding love late in life? maybe a same sex couple where they almost gave up on finding love, or like... divorced people coming together? or like first loves who had their first spark cut short and are now meeting again after... living their lives for a long time but they're still drawn to each other somehow? my crackship is a good place to look at the range of fcs i'll play, and i think that maybe i put more younger faces than anything on there but i don't know i just wanted to respond to your request!
alias: roe
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
4/17/17: i understand the way i left the site was pretty abrupt, but i am in the middle of actively staving off a nervous breakdown. it might be a while before i am back here. 4/9/17: my muse is kind of dead right now? spring is usually a bangin' time for me rp-wise, but at the moment, i'm just not interested in being here, so for a little while, i'm not going to be. nothing personal, i just don't believe in forcing it. i'll probably be back to pick up things with whoever's game in a few weeks. xo
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Mar 24 2017, 10:59 AM
amazingeffingmellie you're a cool girl, you're a, you're a cool girl~

"forewarning - i tend to write asshole males who warm up and dominant/complicated females." uh let's go???? i would like two three orders of that, please.

first and foremost, i gotta hit you up for my affleck x your pike, okay. i gotta. enemies with benefits because i am HERE to support any and all gone girl fans, lmao. maybe they're cia pretending to be married, the hatefucking leads to a pregnancy that she aborts, and he is feeling SOME KINDA WAY ABOUT IT.

and then because i am weak and couldn't choose: my gillian anderson x your jessica chastain/january jones (out x closeted, best friends turned lovers, escorts?? bdsm??? how many things will i toss into this!? i'm thinking gill's the madame tbh) and my lena headey x your henry cavill where (tw: incest) she had him at like THIRTEEN and he went into the system, but he tracked her down recently and is now obsessed with her. it's mutual, but maybe a little problematic.

if you're down for all these but hate odd numbers i'll give you a 4th, but for now i'm off to listen to cool girl at least 3x. thx
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