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 a thing i cannot name, andy's tracker
hi all! this is where you'll find all my active and archived threads on skinny love~ you can pm me for my aim/discord/telegram or just reach me via pm as i check them quite often. here's some about me now!

my name is andy and i'm coming off my first semester in college in boston. i'm from miami originally so this winter shit is wild. i'm heinously multifandom — you can find me on tumblr as pyetromaximoff or on my rp tumblr as aristossachaion. i really love to write and rp has been a constant in my life since before middle school. i'm currently looking for a solid supernatural creatures site to join, so if you know of one please slide me a link.


∞ reply to slytherpuff
∞ reply to pirates
∞ reply to pottercest
∞ reply to brendan
∞ reply to labyrinth
∞ reply to cat
∞ start laurette/alyssa
∞ start hunter for hoodie
∞ start westworld

∞ color ref
∞ name ref

52 week dev contest


addicted + ∞ t. rhodes to z. kravitz
wildfire + ∞ s. eastwood to r. ahmed

already burned ∞ j. dean morgan to a. moore

not a dick pic [m] ∞ gv, nessa/ty
not quite literally ∞ gv, diego + cherry

interlude [m][tw] ∞ love potion, c. evans + s. turner

if i ever feel better • ∞ glinda + elphaba
responsibilities • ∞ azazel + cassiel

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's superbat! ∞ christmas
saints & sinners ∞ zuran

better left unsaid ∞ m. wallstrom to m. markle
send me your !! ∞ z. coleman to d. o'brien
shut your pretty little mouth ∞ d. montgomery to s. turner
zzz ∞ l. liu to i. elba

need you to face front ∞ pacrim, charlize/daisy


dropkick me, jesus, through the goalposts of life ∞ superbat
you are the knife i turn inside myself [tw] ∞ wincest

won't let 'em win ∞ cherry slips in lube

safe and sound ∞ all aboard the ptsd train

catastromorphic ∞ labyrinth-esque

built from ruins ∞ yasha spills the beans
over the edge ∞ feverpitch

your touch so foreign ∞ vamp/wolf sex worker x client

wet dog ∞ sirius havin a fit

a light in the water [tw] ∞ wanda brings pietro back

wanna be yours ∞ order, oliver to katie

luck ∞ slytherpuff exbaes
please him ∞ pottercest
the woods ∞ alex n konnor

can ◈ confess [tw] ∞ soulmarkcest

how bad i need you [m][tw] ∞ what even

look to the horizon , ∞ reunion of the reaper and the pirate king

call my name ∞ j. morgan to a. johnson
fave worst mistake ∞ m. ventimiglia to z. kravitz
just a game ∞ a. cho to d. sherwood
when i close my eyes ∞ t. hardy to c. pratt afterglow ∞ p. chopra to c. pine
nice to know you ∞ e. mcgregor to h. atwell
wipeout ∞ j. momoa to a. daddario
won't be kept ∞ a. kane to t. james
is that a 6 or a 9? ∞ c. white to m. lauridsen
something good ∞ z. kravitz to o. isaac
stand on the horizon ∞ n. tortorella to j. mcavoy
take an arrow ∞ i. somerhalder to h. lloyd you can believe ∞ m. davis to h. atwell
—« bombs away ∞ j. boyega to t. xu
(if only i could) be running up that hill [m] ∞ g. gao to c. theron
& it's gonna be blue skies (for you and i) ∞ h. atwell to s. james
—« take what you want ∞ i. baquero to a. enoch
two halves ∞ whitlock bros
too late ∞ t. hardy to c. evans
girls night ∞ s. boutella to m. kunis
had enough ∞ n. emmanuel to j. momoa

bad together ∞ i. baquero to g. hadid
tell me why [m] ∞ theon to robb
let's get lost ∞ double trouble
scarecrow's only scaring himself ∞ reckoning
don't forget all manner of joy and glee [tw]
it meets you in your mess ∞ critical mass
in*vulnerability ∞ close encounters
name your price to be at ease [m][tw] ∞ sparring
think i [m]ight have inhaled you ∞ first visit
what more could you ask for ∞ themyscira
safe & sound ∞ mentor + victor, welcome home
what's to come, is still unsure ∞ established starkcest


1/7: on the mend! should be getting caught up this week, then school is starting up so i'll probably be a little more picky about picking up new plots and things
please no: none really
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