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 change your life, tati's tracker
tatiana ♥
1.6 - new year, new me? probably not, but i'm gonna try. i could use some spiffy new things to help me on my way though!
age: 26
pronouns: she/her
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mature? yes
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intro post

made characters:
alison pierce "olivia" x rl crime plot
blake cooke "nick" x juice's luca "tyler"
conner black "brant" x rl crime plot
emersyn "emmy" moreno "demi" x polycest plot
hayden guerra "demi" x rl crime plot
jagger "jag" moreno "jason" x polycest plot
leo moreno "brant" x polycest plot
zoie moreno "olivia" x polycest plot

new/potential ships/characters:





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