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 darren criss x the world, my kinnngg
you go becky criss.
jan 17 ▸ hi my name is becky and apparently life decided to fuck me over again. i'll get to things asap xo
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
timezone: gmt +13/nzdt
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    ❅   Quote   ❅     ❅     ❅   Jan 2 2018, 11:14 PM
my king, my absolute sunshine pumpkin everything, i miss him so much and can't wait to finally see him on tv andddd his ep is fab u las~ anyway, i miss playing him and playing against him and i need everything. smut and angst are always fun, but i would like a bit of fluff every now and then too. comms are bae, as are rapid fire/one liners bc i am bad and tend to reply on my phone at work. i'm all open for mxm or fxm or whatever you'd like, i love it all. i woullddd kinda like being the f in the fxm more of the time, but i don't mind flip flopping either.

i'm honestly open to all faces, but i'll list a few that i'm rly needing as well. yet feel free to suggest, i really don't mind any except for the biebs, so give it to meee.

harry styles, demi lovato, daniel sharman, dua lipa, niall horan, natalia dyer, chris pine, chris evans, armie hammer, bella hadid, taylor swift, maddie hasson, grant gustin, cole sprouse, fionn whitehead, tom hardy, matthew daddario, selena gomez, camila mendes, tom holland. forever love my criss colfer loves.

ps have a plot dump. i'm rly lazy when it comes to thinking of plots, sry.

// darren criss x the world //


darren criss

demi lovato

harry styles

niall horan
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