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 < / bubble boy x bubble girl >, your timothee c. x my someone
so basically i'm desperate for a slow burn ship between your timothee chalamet and my stefanie scott. i just recently finished containment and am dying for a plot based on it.

for those that do not know: containment is about atlanta after the outbreak of a deadly virus that shows symptoms in under 48 hours and kills you in a matter of days. it is spread by bodily fluids and is lethal in 100% of its victims. the cdc contains the virus by putting up a cordon sanitaire, which is essentially a wall to keep tons of people within the city and everyone else out. "no one in. no one out."

i have this idea about timothee and girl having grown up as neighbors that loath one another. he's a rich, popular kid at their private school, while she's the new money girl that everyone makes fun of because she still likes thrift store clothes, etc. but then the wall goes up and traps both of them inside, while both of their families are outside. they band together throughout this time and learn to work together, etc. anyway, please gimme this slow burn bullshit?!?!
[ 25th june 2018 ] /// 12:16 am so i just counted and i have 23 replies written out on paper right now. i was going to pump out the last handful that i owe (plus the few starters i owe) and post all of them before going to bed. unfortunately, i volunteered to watch my five month old niece tonight and it turns out... she's teething. so basically, this is me begging you to remain patient with me slightly longer. i'm almost done.
my preference is for DARK, GRITTY plots. i usually focus on fucked up ships. while i love some good, rough smut, i always focus more on the DEVELOPMENT and UNFOLDING OF A STORY.
i play males and females but please reciprocate, otherwise i end up only playing male characters.
please no: incest. [ which is more of a personal preference than a trigger. stepcest is totally okay though. ]
25 • she / her • cst
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