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 (same story, the same mistake), wolfstar things 2.0
this heart just wants to break+
posting this req again bc i need more wolfstar things in my life. i mostly wanna play as remus, but i can mix it up if you ask.

remus lupin x sirius black

plot ideas:

- great wizarding war. remus goes undercover w/ the werewolves.

- crossover: his dark materials. (aka hp w/ daemons).

- au: remus is still a werewolf but never goes to hogwarts. sirius does. they meet during the summer holidays before sirius's seventh year.

- au: slytherin! sirius x ravenclaw! remus (gryffindor! james & hufflepuff! peter).

- au: non-magical marauders

- i probably have more ideas if you hit me up and brainstorm!!

© kristen
jul. 15: ok going back to work so replies will be slower. still happy to take on new things tho so check out my requests and/or hmu on discord xx
ask first
please no: rape, domestic abuse & incest. (i'm okay with the first two being part of the plot or as backstories, but i'm not interested in them happening between our characters. i'm not at all interested in including the last trigger).
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