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 verses, get your own verse!
alias: cassie
age: 31
pronouns: she / her
march 29th: we finally hired someone (yay!!!!) and i am training her this week. next week she will start working on doing her paper which will give me less work. however, at this time i am kind of not really doing much roleplay wise on the site. i am coming on and doing my staff work and taking on coding requests. sooo not taking on any new plots!
timezone: central
mature: yes
contact: pm me
member group: the little mermaid
status: Online
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Sep 13 2016, 11:35 AM
get your own verse
as i have been promising for the last month, we're finally bringing verses back. in case you are unsure as to what a verse is - it is basically your own little forum within the board for group plots. sadly, we're not just going to let any and everyone have these forums, you do have to fit a certain criteria to be able to have one.

one you must have at least five active threads (not comms, actual threads with at least two replies to them).

two there must be at least five different members of this group plot. each member may have multiple characters but we are asking that you at least have five people actively apart of the group plot in order to get your own verse.

three at this time, there will be no m rated or group plots that involve trigger warnings. once we get a premium account (we're like $30 away from it) and are able to set up adult themed forums, then these will be allowed but until then we're not able to. you may now have an m rated verse, just please let us know if you want your verse rated m.

four in order to get your own verse, you (or any combo of the members of the group plot) must turn in a total of 3000 points. those 3000 points are for the forum itself, any additional subforums will cost 500 points each. again, this is combined with all members so say you have 5 members in this group plot and you want the verse + four subforums - that will cost 5000 points. if you guys wanted to split it, each member would need to turn in 1000 points. you don't need to all split it though, if someone wants to use more points then the other.. that is up to you guys.

code to get your own verse

[post][b]verse name[/b]: tell us! [b]current members[/b]: [list]@[username] @[username] @[username] @[username] @[username][/list] [b]urls to active threads[/b]: [list]http://skinny-love.net/index.php?showtopic=TOPIC#HERE http://skinny-love.net/index.php?showtopic=TOPIC#HERE http://skinny-love.net/index.php?showtopic=TOPIC#HERE http://skinny-love.net/index.php?showtopic=TOPIC#HERE http://skinny-love.net/index.php?showtopic=TOPIC#HERE[/list] [b]subforums you'd like[/b]: [list]name name name name[/list] [b]total points[/b]: 3000 + 500 per subforum [b]points to be taken from[/b]: [list]000 points from @[username] 000 points from @[username] 000 points from @[username][/list][/post]

to add a subforum once verse has been established

please let us know if the subforum is within another forum of the board by listing it as subforum > subforum

[post][b]link to verse[/b]: http://skinny-love.net/index.php?act=SC&c=FORUM#HERE [b]subforum(s) to add[/b]: [list]subforum name subforum name subforum name[/list] [b]total points[/b]: 500 points per subforum [b]points to be taken from[/b]: [list]000 points from @[username] 000 points from @[username] 000 points from @[username][/list][/post]
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