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 i may not live to see the glory, hi, my name's isa, i'm fandom trash.
alias: isa
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
1204 – (✿◕‿◕) i'm a mess for park jaehyung & always weak for park chanyeol. hmu to do shit. comm & rf riendly.

pm me for plots! : D

timezone: gmt +8
mature: yes
contact: telegram + discord
member group: buzz lightyear
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Aug 1 2016, 07:53 PM
my name is isa. i live in the gmt +8. i am fandom trash. this all you ever need to know for the rest of your life *sprinkles you wth confetti* i prefer rfs over comms and i am open af for any sort of au except space, because i don't know a lot about space smut is ok but only if u are 18+.. and unless otherwise specified, i don't mind playing the guy but pls don't stick me with the guy character all the time. pairings in bold are my absolute otps *more confetti* pairs crossed out are threads i have already <3


+ click through here for a full list of mcu things i want
+ bucky barnes x natasha romanoff
+ clint barton x natasha romanoff
+ bucky barnes x steve rogers
+ peggy carter x steve rogers
+ peter parker x gwen stacy
+ matt murdock x claire temple
+ america chavez x kate bishop
+ billy kaplan x teddy altman

dc (animated/comic/movieverse)

+ dick grayson x barbara gordon
+ jason todd x barbara gordon
+ tim drake x steph brown
+ bruce wayne x diana prince
+ barbara gordon x qadir
+ kiran singh x bart allen
+ dinah lance x barbara gordon
+ harley quinn x poison ivy
+ artemis crock x zatanna zatara (young justice)
+ kaldur'ahm x barbara gordon
+ artemis crock x wally west
+ roy harper x jade nguyen

harry potter (all eras)

+ beauxbatons girl x beauxbatons boy
+ godric gryffindor x rowena ravenclaw
+ sirius black x dorcas meadows
+ remus lupin x marlene mackinnon
+ james potter x lily evans/potter
+ fred weasley x hermione granger
+ george weasley x hermione granger
+ draco malfoy x hermione granger
+ blaise zabini x hermione granger
+ blaise zabini x ginny weasley
+ blaise zabini x ravenclaw or slytherin oc
+ dean thomas x parvati patil
+ ginny weasley x luna lovegood
+ ginny weasley x pansy parkinson
+ teddy lupin x victoire weasley
+ scorpius malfoy x rose weasley
+ ravenclaw oc x slytherin oc (any era)
+ fred weasley ii x oliver wood's kid


+ angelica schuyler x alexander hamilton
+ john laurens x alexander hamilton
+ elizabeth schuyler x alexander hamilton
+ philip hamilton x oc
+ lafayette x oc
+ lafayette x angelica schuyler
+ thomas jefferson x angelica acuyler
+ hercules mulligan x peggy schuyler
+ theodosia prevost x aaron burr
+ domestic!aaron burr x theodosia burr (NOT!!! INCEST!!!)
+ theodosia burr x philip hamilton
+ maria reynolds x alexander hamilton
+ aham x lafayette x mulligan x laurens bromance

star wars

+ han solo x princess leia
+ finn x poe
+ finn x rey
+ cassian andor x jyn erso
+ cassian andor x bodhi rook
+ chirrut imwe x baze malbus
+ bodhi rook x oc
+ jedi x jedi
+ jedi x padawan
+ rebel x rebel
+ rebel x civilian
+ rebel x storm trooper
+ rebel x bounty hunter
+ jedi x bounty hunter
+ jedi x storm trooper
+ jedi x sith

disney/animated movies

+ esmeralda x phoebus
+ aladdin x jasmine
+ peter pan x tinkerbell
+ peter pan x alice (in wonderland)
+ anastasia x dimitri
+ mulan x jasmine
+ jack skellington x sally
+ rapunzel x jack frost
+ rapunzel x flynn rider


+ grantaire x enjolras (les mis)
+ eponine x enjolras (les mis)
+ fantine x jean valjean
+ eponine x cosette
+ connor walsh x oliver hampton (htgawm)
+ camilla macaulay x charles macaulay (tsh)
+ camilla macaulay x henry waters (tsh)
+ charles macaulay x francis abernathy
+ francis abernathy x richard papen
+ ygritte x jon snow (got)
+ margaery tyrell x sansa stark
+ margaery tyrell x robb stark
+ edward elric x winry rockbell (fma)
+ riza hawkeye x roy mustang (fma)
+ sebastian valmont x annette hargrove (cruel intentions)
+ sebastian valmont x kathryn merteuil (cruel intentions)
+ annette hargrove x kathryn merteuil (cruel intentions

alias: isa
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
1204 – (✿◕‿◕) i'm a mess for park jaehyung & always weak for park chanyeol. hmu to do shit. comm & rf riendly.

pm me for plots! : D

timezone: gmt +8
mature: yes
contact: telegram + discord
member group: buzz lightyear
status: Online
6603 posts 366185 points
Aug 5 2016, 11:01 AM
jay the dick king ok so i was thinking – have you read like gillen/mckelvie's young avengers because that is pretty much where i'm jumping off from and like so maybe kate is there at the new year's party and she's dwelling on the whole..."you're not that straight" remark that america makes and it kind of bugs her...a lot because all of her life she's been fairly sure that she's been straight and all of her boyfriends has proved it but america's comment just gets to her. so i have this vision of the two of them working on a mission and it kind of bugs her still so they're at a stakeout or fighting or something and kate is like ok what do you mean and she's just irked because dealing with clint's ass and now her own confused sexuality is annoying and america's issed because kate's not fighitng at her best because she's distracted or something god idk i just have this image of them having a really funny dynamic BUT OK IS THIS OK W U OR DO I MAKE SENSE D: send help im sorry for all the rambling 

kelly jauregui my bad for mispelling your username earlier!!!! and yes to the college version of the abc, i was thinking of using cykeem white – he's my modern au enjolras hc but if you're partial to anyone else, i'm fine with that, just let me know if you have any suggestions? and i was thinking they're studnet radicals who're all well-read but are trying to make their voices heard by unorthdox means so it gets them into trouble and grantaire is mostly there for the alcohol. this definitely irks the fuck out of enjolras because he's like "cant u see this is impt omg." and things of that sort. and for some reason he always ends up crashing at enjolras' apartment when they have group meetings? oh and who will start the thread btw? c:

izzy hamilton oh man! ok i love the idea of them being in college andl ike fake dating. i was thinking we could start right after they catch feelings for each other and realize that welp they might be okay together after all? abut their parents are political opponents and everything so they have to keep it on the downlow? i was thinking that also they have a sort of rivalry between them as well but it's not as bad as their fathers,' of course, like it's just an academic thing and that may be how they even started getting close at all? also, who did you want to play here? oh and also, for domestic burrs, i was just thinking of theodosia and her dad bonding and i don't know, maybe it's a modern au as well and she's trying to question why th man she's looked up to for all of her life has done so many things she's not sure of herself and just idk father/daughter dynamic. alternately, theodosia (prevost) and burr in like a relationship where they're trying to raise baby theodosia amid all of the criticism about their relationship? omf sorry for rambling tho D:

princess becca absolutely yes! i am ok with that and just scorpius not being able to tell anyne because it's pretty much like going back on his entire being. i mean sure they're in progressive times or something except he knows that his father still lowkey disapproves of the weasleys or something? i'm pretty much cliched when it comes to this but is it ok if i use lucky blue for scorpius??

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