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 chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling, heathers inspired group plot
Sep 15 2016, 04:14 PM
heathers is my favorite movie of all time and i'd love to get a group plot going inspired by the movie. obv it'll be our own original characters but with the general personalities of the movie characters (and i don't expect us to follow the plot either; who wants their characters to die? lol). basically i think this can be rly fun if we make it fun c:

heather (middle name) chandler // red heather. lead heather. ruthless. alpha bitch. powerful. snarky. choleric temperament. manipulative. catty. your typical clique leader. {{ play by // alias }}

heather grace duke // green heather. closeted intellectual. beta bitch (alternates with veronica). jealous. catty. two-faced. sanguine temperament. always second best. bulimic. {{ sophie turner // neon }}

heather (middle name) mcnamara // yellow heather. head cheerleader. ditzy. phelgmatic temperament. weak-willed. self-conscious. follower. good at heart. {{ play by // alias }}

veronica (middle name) sawyer // blue heather. not actually named heather. beta bitch (alternates with heather duke). intelligent. black sheep. melancholic temperament. fashion forward. {{ play by // alias }}

jason (middle name) "jd" dean // bad boy boyfriend of veronica sawyer. clinically insane. charming. manipulative. total bad ass. pathological liar. {{ play by // alias }}

to claim a character just post with which one you're claiming and which playby you'd like to use! i'm super excited to start this.

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sept 20 // replies are gonna take a little bit longer than usual. depression is really biting me in the ass right now.
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